Leeming SHS Newsletter Volume 4, July 2019


I would like to welcome Lee Barclay to an acting Deputy Principal position. Judy Semple is on extended leave until the end of Term 3. Melinda Hansen will move into the Teaching and Learning Coordinator position and Esther Janes will again be the acting Head of Science. Lee will oversee Years 7, 8 and 9.

Years 10 to 12 exams are now over and those year groups have begun Second Semester programs. If you have any concerns regarding the results your child received in the exams, please contact the class teacher to discuss. Students should be reviewing the exam questions and using this as part of a revision process.

It is also the time of the year for Semester 1 reports. These reports are sent electronically so please make sure your contact details are correct. If you have not received a report for your child, please contact reception to check your contact information. While the Parent/Teacher Interviews at the end of this term were only for Year 9 and 10 students, if you have concerns about anything in the report please contact the teacher concerned.

Work continues within the school to provide an up to date campus. We are in the process of replacing two old transportable classrooms and updating data projection equipment in Science. Wherever possible the work is completed over the holidays to keep disruptions to a minimum.

A big thank you to the P&C for their ongoing support of the school. At a recent meeting the P&C funded many items aimed at improving the educational opportunities for your children. In particular, we thank the P&C for their large contribution to the salary of our two school chaplains. The P&C is always looking for new members. If you are able to give up two evenings a term to attend meetings it would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a safe and restful school holiday. A reminder, students recommence classes after the holidays on Monday 22 July. The pupil free day for Term 3 is Monday 26 August.

Mr B. Wallwork, Principal

term 3 dates to remember
  1. 22 July - Students Commence Term 3
  2. 26 July - Year 6 Enrolments Close for 2020
  3. 27/28 July - Students back from Canberra Trip
  4. 27/28 July - Japanese Exchange Students arrive
  5. 05 August - Year 10 Course Counselling Meetings begin
  6. 06 August Alliance Francaise Exam Year 9-Year 12
  7. 07 August - P&C Meeting – Staffroom 7.30pm
  8. 09 August - Year 7 Lightning Carnival
  9. 09 August - Multi-Cultural Festival
  10. 16 August - Regional Chess Tournament
  11. 17/18 August - Choral Festival - Choir
  12. 19 August - Senior Music Evening
  13. 19-23 August - Book Week
  14. 21 August - Whole School Assembly P3
  15. 22 August - Year 8 Side Effect Talk
  16. 23 August - Book Week Dress Up Day

After a thorough risk assessment process in conjunction with the Department of Education, Leeming Senior High School and the App provider, we are ready to launch the School communication App in Week 1, Term 3. We have concluded that the safest way to access the App is by an individual authentication process. Only those parents/carers on file at the school will be able to request to join. Once we have your name, e-mail and phone number confirmed with the details on our records we will approve your request. Please be patient with our administration team as they work through every access request.

Please click the link below for instructions on how to Download the App.


If you wish to download the App on your desktop please follow the link below and email leeming.shs@education.wa.edu.au with your name, phone number and e-mail we have on record. The school administration staff will then send you the access code. https://leemingshs.myschoolstream.net?style=embed

Initially the App will give you access to:

  • Absentees
  • Change of Details Form
  • Newsletters
  • Quickcliq – Canteen Menu Order
  • Connect
  • Payments
  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Calendar of Events

Once we have reached an 80%-90% uptake we will then extend its use to Alerts, Messages, Forms, Interview Bookings, etc.

rising stars - 2019 WA state softball teams

Willow and Jasmine S. success with the 2019 wa state softball tournament

Willow and Jasmine S. attended the 2019 WA State Softball Tournament on 30 June 2019. Both Willow and Jasmine played in the 17 years and under tournament; Jasmine being one of three girls that only turns 14 this year!

The team travelled to Canberra between 10 – 18 May. Playing against other States (ACT, VIC, NSW, QLD and SA) they finished Third behind QLD and NSW. What an outstanding effort!

Willow S. was also selected in the All Australian Team which is a fantastic achievement. Well done to Willow and Jasmine and to their team!

Willow S. (Number 10) and Jasmine S. (Number 15)

Technology and Enterprise

Home Economics

Year 7 Breakfast Semester 1

Below is a snapshot of Semester 1 for students in Home Economics. The lower school students have been busy with their individual design briefs and have produced some excellent results.

Year 7 Kids In The Kitchen Semester 1
Year 8 Food Textiles semester 1

The Year 8 students in Food and Textiles have been working on an up-cycling denim project and have produced stunning items. These are displayed in the Library as you walk in on the left. Well done to Mrs Morgan's Textiles class and Mrs Sutherland and Mrs Hayrebet's Food classes.

Year 8 Design a Healthy lunch semester 1
Year 9 Fun Foods Semester 1

Science and Technology Academy- An Approved Specialist Program

Science and Technology Academy – Science Talent Search

This term Year 7, 8 and 9 STA students have been conducting activities to enter the Science Talent Search, run by the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia. The students are entering in three categories: Science Investigation, Engineering and Science Communication. Some of the areas the students have been working on are the germination of seeds in different soil types, using fruit as an electrical battery, making paper from pencil shavings, testing the tooth cleaning ability of different brands of toothpaste and creative writing on the theme Across the Universe. The entries will be completed and sent off for judging in the final week of this Term.

Mr D. Mackenzie, Science Teacher


This term, students have been working on a research task and producing a report about a human impact on the environment. Students have researched at least 3 ways humans impact the environment, chosen one impact and developed research questions, finally they have carried out research to answer their questions and have created a report in the form of a video news report, booklet, leaflet, Word document, newspaper article, or any other format to convey the information. They supported their writing with diagrams, pictures or charts. STA points will be awarded for creativity. This activity was designed to develop students’ ability to be self-regulated learners.

Mind Mash

This term 20 Year 8 and 9 students have been participating in a Coding and Robotics program run by Peter Atkinson of Mind Mash. Over the six-week program students have been building and coding to complete a series of tasks within a two-minute time frame. In the final session students competed in our own STA First Lego League competition.

Science iQ state-wide competition

This term Year 7 STA members have participated in the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia Science iQ competition. This is an on-line competition where students work cooperatively in teams of 4 to complete the quiz. The quiz questions are quite challenging and requires the students to work together to research or calculate the correct answers. The students met in the Library after school to complete the two rounds of the competition.

STEM literacy Challenge

Year 7 and 8 Students are encouraged to participate in the STEM literacy challenge. This challenge is designed to instil an interest in the endless branches of STEM areas and also develop literacy skills. Students can use the Literature Review Templates available on Connect to help them summarise the key points in Science news articles and collate these article review in a folder or scrap book. Students could submit their STEM literacy Challenge scrap books during Week 9 and 10, Term 2 for the award of STA points.


All Year 10 STA members paticipated in an excursion to Murdoch University on the 26 June 2019. This excursion provides students provided students with an opportunity to explore careers in the Metallurgy and Mining industries; and gain practical experience applying knowledge of separation techniques.

WISE Women in STEM

On July 2, 24 female students from Year 8 and 9 participated in the WISE Women in STEM excursion. This excursion is designed to provide female students with inspiration to pursue study and careers in Science. They attended Keynote lectures from notable female research scientists. They will also had the opportunity to participate in workshops and group activities and panel Q & A sessions.

STA Canberra Tour 2019

On the 19 July, the last Friday of the school holidays, 30 Year 8 and 9 students and 3 members of staff, Dr Janes, Mr Nelson and Mrs Turner will be embarking on the STA Canberra Tour 2019. The itinerary is packed with all the sights of Canberra including the National Museum of Australia, CSIRO, The Deep Space Communication Centre, New and Old Parliament House. Following an intensive program in Canberra we will be heading to the snow, staying in Jindabyne and skiing at Perisher-Blue Cow.

Term 3 Primary School Science Shows

Towards the end of Term 3 Year 5 and 6 students from Leeming and West Leeming Primary schools will be visiting us to see the STA Science Show. STA members will have the opportunity as part of the Term 3 challenge to plan and present science experiments and demonstrations for the primary schools. Workshops preparations will commence on Monday of Week 2, Term 3. Students will start developing their presentations and practice the experiments.

Specialist Program Entry Testing for 2020

The school has had a record number of applications into our three Specialist Programs this year. Testing for entry into year 7 2020 has taken place over two days. This year the Year 6 students have completed the Science, Maths and General Ability tests online.

Dr E. Janes, STA Coordinator, Science Teacher


The HASS department would like to recognise the hard work and effort of all Year 10, 11 and 12 students following the exam period. In particular the following students scored top marks for their respective exams:


Oddette G. & Bryony W. (Psychology)

Julia M. and Alicia S. (Politics and Law)

Joel N. (Geography)

Alicia S. (Economics)


Zephora R. (Psychology)

Zephora R. (Modern History)

Jacqueline C. (Geography)

Brandon F. (Economics)


Ella J. (Economics & History)

Ante C. (Economics & History)

Well done to all of these students.

Mr C. Doohan - HASS HOLA


Ancient History students' investigations recently turned practical. Reconstructed artefacts abounded as students displayed their work in true Roman style, after giving offerings to the household gods. A brief lecture on Ancient Roman etiquette ensued and all Ancient History students were startled when their teacher adamantly refused to burp or vomit, proving herself to be less than the traditionally polite Roman. Mrs. Murray did agree, however, to recline on the Roman couch and use her hands to sample tasty traditional panem. From here she could view the spectacle of students instructing slaves to help them dress in an authentically sewn toga, made with the expert tuition of Mrs. Sutherland, in the latest dignified style-cumbersome and precarious. Other students were more interested in freeing slaves with the help of a Roman gladius, spear and armour. A laurel wreath and chariot were ready for any triumphal displays as long as a slave was available to whisper of mortality. The XII Tables of Ancient Roman law also served to remind of unfortunate ends and punishments. A game of Latrunculi was also on offer for play or gambling. Any student's disappointment at the lack of wine, was quickly assuaged by refreshing water brought right into the villa by a cleverly designed aqueduct. Stay tuned, as students create a virtual Museum of Ancient History with their next time travelling project.


Year 7 AEP students entered the Skeleton Island simulation with no food or water, only their Economics skills to keep them alive in a terrifying trading game. Aside from a savage beast and zombies slaves, the bare boned laws of supply and demand became apparent as the game progressed, educating buyers and sellers, survivors and victims, alike.


Year 7 Business students took on some risk in their major investigation of a business hero. From the classic Coco Chanel or Oprah Winfrey to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg or the marvellous Stan Lee, their entrepreneurial secrets were uncovered, one by one. Dark pasts and sorry setbacks emerged along with super successes. Vision! Innovation! Initiative! Enterprise! Important skills were revealed under the students' keen research focus. Findings were displayed effectively in sophisticated feature articles, which may well go on to inspire this new generation of entrepreneurs.

The Lower School students have been busy with their individual design briefs and have produced some excellent results.


As Ms Bunch unexpectedly welcomed her new baby daughter somewhat earlier than planned, her bigger HASS kids were fortunate to have Ms O'Brian step straight in to help. Coming to us from Kalamunda Senior High School, Ms O'Brian is a HASS and Science teacher with a passion for History. In her spare time, she enjoys reading Biographies and playing with her dog and three young children. Ms O'Brian's first impressions of Leeming were very positive. Leeming in "an amazing school, with polite students and fabulous staff" she enthused. "I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone better." And the HASS team is looking forward to working with Ms O'Brian too.

Ms R. Murray, HASS Teacher


Leeming’s young authors

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” – Louis L’Amour

The English Learning Area is extremely excited to announce this year’s 2019 Write4fun winners. With a stunning follow-up to last year’s winning entrance of ‘Tear Drop’ by Shumiri M., this year, we have seven amazing winners! These students, encouraged by their teachers and acting on the advertisements around the school, entered their own short stories online. Using a combination of their own initiatives, and the skills they have practised in English lessons, these young authors chose their own genres, context, purposes and audiences for their fictional narratives.

So we would like to congratulate the following (in alphabetic order) young writers and we thoroughly look forward to reading more of your fictional works in the near future:

  • Owen B. Year 7 ‘All Bottled Up’
  • Milla B. Year 8 ‘The Glowing Sea’
  • Dewni F. Year 7 ‘The Devil Dressed in White'
  • Temily G. Year 11 ‘Help Me’
  • Harnoon S. Year 7 ‘The Legend of Colourful Zombies’
  • Aelan T. Year 9 ‘The Darkness’
  • Matthew V. Year 8 ‘Respect’

Our students’ stories can be read on the website: https://www.write4fun.net/winners

J. Armstrong, English HOLA


Languages for My Future Forum

Recently, the Year 10 Japanese and French students visited UWA for a forum and panel discussion. They heard from a variety of speakers about the benefits of continuing their language studies in Year 11 and 12 and beyond. Students enjoyed experiencing a day in the life of a University student, which included attending a lecture and eating lunch with the University’s peacocks, and found the panel very informative.

After the forum, students were asked to reflect on the advantages of studying a foreign language. Below are some of their comments:

“Learning a language can provide many job opportunities as well as create new friendships.” – Ria, Year 10 French student

“Learning a language doesn’t just help you communicate, but helps you understand people’s cultures and their backgrounds.” - A-Lek, Year 10 Japanese student

“Learning about peoples’ personal experiences with languages; it opened my eyes to the diverse opportunities.” – Jordann, Year 10 Japanese student

Onigiri おにぎり

Our Year 10 students were treated to a cooking lesson by our Language Assistant, Marina, who taught them how to make onigiri (おにぎり), or “rice balls”. おにぎりis the Japanese equivalent of a vegemite sandwich; a staple food in a student’s lunchbox. The students enjoyed the process of making the おにぎりjust as much as eating it.

Hanko はんこ

Did you know that Japanese people don’t have signatures? Instead, when they need to “sign” a document, they use a hanko (はんこ) or “name stamp”. The Japanese Club members created their own はんこ using erasers. As you can see, the results are pretty impressive.

All students are welcome to join the Japanese Club. The club runs from 3-4 pm each Tuesday in LE7.

Year 9 Hyogo Excursion

In Week 6, the Year 9 Japanese students visited the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre. Located in City Beach, the centre is owned by the Japanese Government and was established to promote language and cultural exchange.

Students learned about Perth’s sister state, Hyogo, and were tasked with the challenge of designing a bilingual poster that promoted the main attractions of Hyogo Prefecture. Students rose to the challenge and created visually-attractive and informative posters.

For their efforts, students were rewarded with an obento (おべんとう) lunch.

Ms S.Burrows, Japanese Specialist Coordinator


Chess Club

Last week, the Regional Chess Tournament was held at Leeming Senior High School resulting in a fantastic second place.

Leeming Senior High School had 40 students who competed against several other high schools including Rossmoyne, All Saints and Lynwood. Several of Leeming’s team members competed in their first Chess Tournament and played really strong, competitive games.

Jay S., Dylan K., Thomas U., Jiung H. and Joshua S. were Leeming's top five players for the day. The top female player was Leeming SHS Year 9 student Rand B.

After School Clubs are up and running in the Library. On Mondays is the Study Skills and Homework Club - get yourself organised to achieve the best results. Beginning from Term 3 we will be reviewing results and setting goals. On Tuesdays is the Robotics Club which include a 3 week Blocky Games course. On Wednesdays is the Chess Club and on Fridays we have the Rubik's Cube Challenge.

All students are welcome to attend.


Firstly, a big well done to our Year 10, 11 and 12 students who have now completed their Semester 1 exams. As teachers, we have seen how much hard work has been put in by our students. Hopefully, everyone has taken something from the exam process and has at least one or two areas to improve on for the next round in Semester 2.

Five of our top Year 10 students are currently participating in the Maths Enrichment Program organized by the Australian Maths Trust (AMT). Emma D., Janapriya R., Umar S., Aaron S., and Leo W. are all keen participants of this challenging program delivered to high achieving mathematics students across Australia. The sixteen-week program is a problem-solving activity aimed at encouraging mathematical thinking and problem-solving ability. Congratulations to these students for pushing themselves above and beyond in their studies, we wish you every success with your endeavour.

Four of our Year 10 AIM Program Students

We also had some students from our Academic Extension Program competing in the Term 2 round of the Have Sum Fun Online competition. All teams acquitted themselves extremely well with each of our top Year 7, 8 and 9 teams all breaking into the top 10 of their respective year groups. On average, around 70 teams entered, meaning our teams had to beat many of the highly competitive private and Gifted and Talented schools across the State. Well done to all, a fantastic and consistent result from all of you!

One of our Year 9 Have Sum Fun Online Teams

We wish all of the staff and students an enjoyable and well-deserved rest over the holiday period.

Mr J. Giddings, Mathematics Teacher

The Arts

Term 2 has continued with plenty of activity including concerts, assessments, and a variety of visitors to the Music Department.

In Week 4 we had a visit from COSAMP (College of Sound and Music Production) representative David Santamaria. David assessed our facilities as suitable for being a provider of the Certificate II in Music Industry course which is now being offered at Leeming SHS. He was impressed by our technology (Mac computers & MIDI equipment), quality instruments, and sound equipment. The Cert II Music is a very practical course available for senior students who wish to focus on performing, composing/production, and using sound equipment.

Also during Week 4 we held ATAR performance exams with our moderating schools Kelmscott SHS and John Calvin Christian College. Leeming SHS was the school of choice to hold these exams due to the combination of our theatre and Yamaha grand piano. Our Year 12 ATAR Music student Wendy T. completed her performance exam successfully, receiving positive comments from moderating teachers in the process.

Kudos again must go to our Senior Concert Band for performing at Term 2 Assembly. This band under the direction of Mr Phil Hatton took care of entrance music, the musical feature, and the national anthem. Students in Senior Concert Band are all of a very high calibre and reflect positively on the Music Program at Leeming SHS.


The Year 7 and 8 Social was held on June 21 and this year we had two bands perform: Year 9 Rock Band and Senior Rock Band. This was the first performance for the Year 9 Rock Band featuring Robbie F., Emily H., Mitchell R., and Johann P. They should be congratulated for doing an outstanding job, and despite some initial nerves they pulled off a great performance that attracted quite a crowd (see photographic evidence). Senior Rock Band performed as the seasoned musicians that they are, and we look forward to further performances from all of these fine students.

In closing, I would like to highlight a very significant teacher of music that is part of our team: Mr Nick Kostourkov who has taught at Leeming SHS for 14 years. Nick teaches Classical Guitar from years 7-12 and is the director for both Junior Guitar Ensemble and Senior Guitar Ensemble. You will see his students performing numerous times across the year to a high standard. Nick is a musician who has trained in both Europe and Australia and brings this experience and value with him. His commitment to maintaining a high quality guitar program and ensuring the success of his students is second to none. Keep an ear open for upcoming performances before the end of term!

Mr G. Ryder, Music Teacher

Physical Education and Health Education

Senior BOYS Afl 2019

The 2019 AFL season was a successful one for our Senior boys team. We played 4 matches for 3 wins and a loss and won one game won by forfeit during the exam break. We had some great wins particularly against Willetton in the opening game of the season. Our only loss was in the final game to Cecil Andrews a game where the winner went on to finals. We managed to hit the front with two minutes to play but were unable to hold on and finished second in our pool.

Across all games we had 28 Year 10 to 12 players take the field this year. I would like to thank the boys for their efforts this year and in particular to Mr Welsh for organising the team on game days and getting the ground set up for all matches.

Mr S. Ellis, Physical Education and Health Education HOLA

State Orienteering Championships 2019

Year 11 Outdoor Recreation Competition

The Year 11 Outdoor Recreation students took part in the State Orienteering Championships that were held at Manning Park on Wednesday June 19 2019. After learning how to navigate over the 7 previous weeks, students were ready for the challenge.

Roughly 500 students from 10 secondary schools competed on the day. The map terrain was variable and added an extra challenge for our students, it being their first ever competition.

The weather conditions couldn’t have been better, with the sun shining on us for the whole day.

Competitors used special pin cards to tag each marker they went past, which meant students after studying the course and getting ready for the off could truly race around to try and gain the fastest time possible.

Students were sent off in timed increments on each course. With our first students off at 10.35 am, Alicia H. was our first student home completing the course in just under an hour and missing a bronze medal by 1 minute.

As a class we had discussed the fact that the fastest time could possibly be around 40 minutes to complete the course if the students ran all the way, bearing in mind it was a 3.9 km course which depending on the terrain and handrails used could end up being around 6 km's.

Our best hope had set off at 11.25 am in the last wave of competitors and we were blown away when we saw Shannon N. turn the corner at the top of the final straight and sprinting down to the finish line to receive an outstanding time of 31:09 mins. We were pretty confident that he had taken 1st place and we were right, with 2nd place in the Outdoor Ed boys competition coming in 14 mins behind Shannon. An outstanding performance from an amazing young athlete who had never competed in Orienteering before.

The rest of the class did extremely well, with students surprising themselves on their performances, only a few wrong turns for some of them, but they made it home eventually.

Notable performances go to Alicia H. in the girls competition who got a 4th place and Jaimee Y. 7th place. In the boys competition Cameron I. 5th place.

Final results will be posted on School Sports WA.

Under 15 Competition

Leeming SHS also had another competitor, Kate B. from Year 8 who was entered into the under 15 girls competition. Kate is an experienced orienteerer and was ready to take on the field. She was one of the first competitors to head off from Leeming SHS and again we had high hopes for her on this course.

Kate came sprinting through the finish line in a total time of 44:48 mins for the course. With that amazing performance Kate got a 2nd place in her category. She will certainly be a competitor to watch in the future.

Mrs J. Graham, Physical Education and Health Education Teacher

Year 9 Outdoor education - Excursion to the cube

As part of the Year 9 Outdoor Education course the students have been working on roping and team building skills. On Thursday 6 June the students went on an excursion to the Cube at Woodman Point Recreation Centre to apply some roping and team building skills to practical use. They excelled through all challenges, working together to conquer the climbs, with many of the students overcoming the fear of heights to make the climbs all the way to the top of the obstacles. I was very proud of the way the students behaved and approached the excursion. They should all be commended on a fantastic effort.

Mr B. Goddard, Physical Education and Health Education Teacher

Work Placement Information

A message from the work place learning coordinator

A Special Thanks to the number of Year 11 and 12 students who took up the opportunity to complete work place hours during the April Break and the recent June Exam Break. With the changes to Community Services and Health our Certificate II students do not necessarily have to be in a Child Care or Education environment and it was great to see the initiative being taken to approach appropriate employers.

I would especially like to thank the following new additions and the welcome support and mentoring provided to our students:

Agmoray Nursing Home (Wilson); Attree Real Estate (Southern River); Fire and Emergency Services; Child Australia; Forefront Gymnastics; Salvos (Canning Vale); Great Beginnings Camillo; Warooga Childcare Centre (Sthrn River); Parkwood Primary School and the staff at Maragon Early Learning Centre (Baldivis).

As well as our regular employers who go above and beyond to support the Leeming WPL programme:

Leeming Childcare Centre; Mulberry Tree Childcare Centre; Murdoch University Childcare Centre; Goodstart early Learning Centre (Atwell); and a number of supportive Primary Schools who continue to make themselves available at this busy time in Term 2 – West Leeming PS, Kardinya PS, Campbell PS, Ranford PS, South Lake PS, Bibra Lake PS.

Special mentions go out to Western Irrigation Pty Ltd for their support to our Metals and Engineering programmes and to Leeming ESC with a priority placement for our students interested in working with students with special needs.

Remember Year 11 and 12’s due to the new policy and procedures I need to be informed of your plans 3 weeks before you intend to go out. Any less the answer is “it’s not going to happen!!”

The July break has students going out to Universities, Childcare Centres, Auto and Metals industries. I look forward to reporting on their progress and results.

Some Year 12 students NOT doing exams will have opportunities in Week 10 and during September/October holiday period to complete vital time to ensure Certificate attainment. Please see Mr Welsh at the start of Term 3 and up to Week 7, after that date you may not achieve attainment.

Mr T. Welsh, Workplace Learning Coordinator and Physical Education and Health Education Teacher

Mr. Welsh's address at the term 2 assembly

Thanks for the opportunity to talk to you all today about Teamwork. I really believe that we are an Act- Belong-Commit School that defines Culture by its energy on a daily basis and this is a great ‘segway’ after all the presentations of our culture here at Leeming Senior High School (LSHS)….there is no “I” in Team.

Is this the only team work we see in our school? We always think first about our “position in a team”, be it netball, football, soccer etc because Leeming SHS has a great reputation for representation in School Sports Activities, in fact we actually led the state in number of teams nominated to be involved in extra-curricular sports events, something PE always celebrate as a year goes by, with After School, One Day Events, Year Events and School Carnivals, and seeing our Senior students working with Lower School or recreational programmes like Outdoor Education from Year 9 – 12.

But recently I wanted to see what other aspects of teamwork build Leeming’s culture!

I get to go from room to room, department to department, school to school, because of my role in the school as a Work Place Coordinator I go to primary schools, day cares centres, even industry and employers to see students who represent our school as a team player. Employers want team players who can get along with others.

So here is my Semester One report card on Teamwork, at Leeming Senior High School

Let’s start with this assembly:

Setting it up and then enlisting the help of House Groups to put it all away afterwards ….no complaints.

Also the music, stands, seats, at practice sessions, sound boards before, during and after school ….no complaints.

When you step outside this assembly, look and see the other examples in our school:

Do you use the canteen, at least once a week? …Have you considered who is the team in there…

What about the uniform shop ladies, who not only sell uniforms but are now assisting with Valedictory gown sizing for the 12’s in readiness for December and every new incoming student who wants to be at Leeming SHS.

What about those 3 Amigos, who plant, water, cut and trim, vacuum, set up exam areas, do minor repairs and make this a school we all love to look at and enjoy …you may not see them, but they see us and what we do to enhance the school grounds. Why don’t we help them during the day?? Keep our grounds free of litter.

None of you are likely to be here at 6 am or after 4 pm, but there is an amazing Cleaning Group who make sure all our rooms, grounds and offices look at least fresh and clean for another day. Do we leave our rooms the same way?

Ever been in a Science area and asked who sets up all the equipment, chemicals etc so the staff can do inspiring lessons to engage you….and what about after school STA programs, with special guests and presenters

Then think of the Home Economics and Food preparation that occurs, days in advance of lessons, plus the hospitality events who we saw acknowledged today.

Look out on the ovals and courts to see activities going on with all our ESC students, especially in the undercover area between Library and Languages. The exercising and playing along with their EA staff, and the mainstreamers who stop to chat, as well as the sharing of time in House Groups with you … just giving someone the time of day.

Going on an excursion? Need to pay fees? Have to leave school? Arrived late? Feeling sick? Need report data compiled and checked before you get them at home? These are all members of the Front Office, Student Services and Admin who help our school, work effectively every day. BUT don’t forget our Nurse, School Psychologist, the Chaplains, Education Assistants, who help on a daily basis in classes and at breaks, making sure that our needs are met.

What about the Year Coordinators who are there through thick and thin to arrange, discuss or assist you and run events for you like lunch time competitions, social events, reward days, House Group assemblies and certificate presentations to acknowledge efforts. As well as deal with attendance and cooperation demands or poor behaviour decisions.

In our Learning Areas? Tried any of the …. We are here if you want US to do these activities…

The Art/Pottery Classes, Maths Tutoring and Homework, Robotics and Digital media info, HASS events and Debating group, English Reading and Writers groups, Science Incursions or Interstate Trip, Japanese Culture events and the Exchange …. Down to D&T we have the Autos/Woods/Graphics and Metals before school crew – who Mr H sees at 7.30 am everyday, Dance, Music and Drama going on before school, recess, Lunch and after school in Performing Arts and, if I have missed any I apologise …

Now onto the Library …. the centre hub of our culture wheel – before school, lunchtime and after school …. with IT access (with Jono, Ian, Brendon our IT team everywhere/everyday, for everyone) the chess kids, Homework, Theme days, Study groups (like the Senior students working on ATAR/Certificate II or General studies with peers) and then there are movies. This is a minefield of team players building our culture.

So my message is this…. Leeming Senior High school is a great school.

I have had the personal experience of coaching school teams, of being a part of the Student Services Team and Administrator, operating as the Workplace Learning Coordinator I frequently get requests from Employers about opportunities for our young and future workers asking if I can recommend someone … but they must be a team player.

Having the ability to work as part of a team. What are they after? Someone who is - a good listener, willing to learn, communicates with others, shows respect, trusty, reliable, honest and can develop positive relationships.

Every lesson you are in, with peers, working with staff, classmates on a task, talking over a topic, decision making and problem solving you are being a team player.

Consider this more importantly – teams all like to WIN but when the going gets tough do you hang in with your mate, team, group, class or give up! Teammates help their buddies get up, dust them down and get back in the game.

Money and finance can buy a lot of success but the best successes at Leeming have been those who stand by their mates (and team) through good times and bad. They turn up in the correct outfit, ready to work, on time, putting in for the day. Just like you would for your part-time job, sports training/game, or going to a social event.

Our Drama group showed me at their Performance Night, how to stand strong and be true, to be there when it gets tough, together we can ride it through, don’t give us problems, find a solution…because that breeds success.

Like any competition the year is half done and we are heading for a break … a chance to refresh and review our progress and reset goals for the second half … we are only premiers/champions when we all get to the finish line.

My final question to you all is this…. What have you done today to make Leeming SHS a better place than yesterday?

Leeming SHS is OUR Report card, so make sure you say “G'day and thanks” each and every day to those members of Leeming SHS for these are the team players we don’t see but they make this a better place. Especially do what is the best you can do for the staff you see every day, and this includes your family who wanted you to be at Leeming SHS because we do promote Harmony and Excellence/Happy and Effective and being part of OUR Team!!

See this as YOUR Leeming culture, will continue this as OUR Leeming culture!

Mr T. Welsh, Workplace Learning Coordinator and the HPE Staff

Student Services

Mr V. Bryan, Student Services and VET Manager Years 10 to 12

Health Centre

To Parents and Guardians,

It has been a busy term with students doing exams and staff marking papers and they have all managed well. I wish students all the very best in the exam results and a safe, healthy and relaxing holiday to students and families. See you next term all rejuvenated and rested.


Upper respiratory tract infections or colds are everywhere, especially in winter, so it is almost impossible to stop children from catching them. Here are some points which may help:

  • Teach your child to cover his/her nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, and to wash hands straight afterwards.
  • Hands should be washed after blowing noses and before eating.
  • Use tissues once and then throw them in the bin. (Avoid using handkerchiefs.)
  • Keep your child home from school if he/she has a cold/cough/fever/pain.
  • Make sure that your children eat a balanced diet withplenty of healthy foods.
  • Keep children away from smoke – it irritates their eyes and nasal passages, making it more likely that they will catch a cold.

The National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia's peak body for health advice, recommends annual vaccination for anyone six months of age or older who wants to reduce their chances of becoming ill with the flu. It takes up to two weeks for protection to develop after vaccination against flu and protection lasts about a year.

The seasonal flu vaccine is available on prescription or via GP and immunisation clinics and is provided free for certain groups. Flu vaccines are available prior to winter starting. For more up to date information is now available on the HealthyWA website, or contact your GP or Immunisation Clinic.

Here is a list of metropolitan Immunisation Clinics close to you:
  1. Central Immunisation Clinic 16, Rheola St, West Perth Tel No: 9321 1312 By appointment or walk in Mon – Fri 8.30-4.30pm and Thurs 4.30pm - 6.00pm 1st and 3rd Thurs every month.
  2. Hilton Child Health Centre, 34 Paget St, Hilton Tel No: 61511308 By appointment Mon + Wed 9 -12 & 1pm - 4pm and Friday 9 - 3pm.
  3. South Lake Child Health Centre, 2 South Lake Drive, 61511308, Tues 9.30 – 12.45pm and Thurs 9.30 – 12.45 By appointment.
  4. Willetton Child Health Centre, Burrendah Boulevard, Willetton Tel No: 61511308, 3rd Mon every month 9.15 -11.30 By Appointment.
What to do if your child gets a cold

No treatment will cure a cold or make it go away more quickly, but you can help your child feel more comfortable:

  • Rest: This need not be in bed.
  • Provide extra drinks: If your child doesn’t want to drink much, try giving lots of small sips of water, milk or juice, or ice blocks to suck for older children.
Hand washing

Washing hands is the easiest way to protect ourselves from contagious diseases, like colds, influenza and gastroenteritis. Hands should be washed before and after eating or preparing food, after going to the toilet and after nose blowing.

When teaching your child to wash their hands;

  • Use clean water and soap, making sure they cover their hands and wrists.
  • Use a brush to clean under nails if they’re dirty too.
  • Dry their hands with something clean (like a paper towel)

Alcohol based sanitisers are useful when soap and water is not available. Use a half a teaspoon of the product and encourage your child to rub their hands together until they’re dry. If you can see dirt on their hands, it is better to use soap and water.

Information taken from www.raisingchildren.net.au

dental health services for school children

Parents/Guardians of school aged children remind about the importance of accessing dental services for your child's teeth annually or as needed.

  • The School Dental Services is a free, public, dental health program available to all children of eligible age in Western Australia, whether they are enrolled in a public or private school. The service is funded by the Department of Health.
  • Treatment is limited to general care and there are a number of exclusions, for example, specialist services such as orthodontics and oral surgery. Treatment outside the scope of the School Dental Service is referred to other providers and any costs are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • Children are eligible for the School Dental Services from the year they turn five until the end of Year 11 or 17 years of age whichever comes first. In remote areas, Year 12 students are eligible for the service.
  • Community Health Nurses can refer children to the School Dental Services by direct phone call to the clinic or via the parent who will be required to attend the first visit with the child.
  • To find out where the local School Dental Service is located, call 9313 0555 or visit http://www.dental.wa.gov.au/. Community health staff, parents and teachers can visit the website to access dental health resources.

The closest Dental Service to Leeming SHS is:

  1. Leeming Dental Therapy Clinic, 15 Meharry Road, Leeming. Telephone Number: 9332 3194.
  2. South Lakes Dental Therapy Centre, 62 Mason Court, South Lake. Telephone Number: 9417 3242.
  3. Willetton Dental Therapy Clinic, 14 Woodpecker Avenue, Willetton. Telephone Number: 9457 4624.
  • Students in Year 12 and 17 year olds with a Health Care Card are eligible for general dental care at a Public Dental Clinic.
  • To assist children/carers/parents to understand services and dental treatment being provided, Dental Health Services can arrange interpreters at no cost to families. Interpreters are available by appointment and their use must be authorised by Dental Health Services staff.
  • An after-hours emergency service operates 7 days a week between the hours of 6.30 pm -8.00 am and can be reached on 9325 3452. This service is only to be used for immediate and urgent dental attention.
  • The Oral Health Centre at the University of WA is part of the Western Australian public dental system. General dental services are provided to eligible public patients. Public dental services are available from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, by calling 9346 4400.
  • The Child Dental Benefits Schedule provide financial support for basic dental services for children aged 2-17 years, who receive, (or their family, guardian or carer receives) certain government benefits such as Family Tax Benefit Part A. For further information, visithttps://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/child-dental-benefits-schedule

Mrs D. Kitak, School Nurse

Chaplains Chat

A message from the chaplain

Mrs B.Carter, Chaplain

Message From The Chaplain

The Trade Training Centre at Leeming SHS runs a Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation this is to prepare the students for a career in the automotive industry with an entry-level course. This qualification will give them the basic skills and knowledge needed to pursue an automotive apprenticeship. Liaising with Mr. Morgan who runs the course and Wayne Smith Dealer principal of City Toyota have organized a Corolla to be donated for the school to use as a vehicle to work on . Thank you Toyota!

The Table Tennis competition
Audrey K. Table Tennis Winner 2019

The Table Tennis competition finished up last week seeing Audrey K. winning and taking 100 house points for Grady. Levi K. came 2nd earning 50 points for Findlay and Riley H. (Findlay) and Shirui Z. (Ramsdale) both making the semi-finals and earning 20 house points each. Well done to everyone who competed. It was so good to see the year groups mixing and cheering for their houses in great school spirit.

Mr C. Hough, Chaplain

Our next Newsletter will be published on the 14 August 2019. Until then, remember to contact us should you have any queries.

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