Importance of EDUCATION "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

The poem "The School Where I Studied" is connected to my theme because it represents the place and the benefits speaker got education from. I choose this poem because it shows the things speaker came to know about certain things which he didn't knew before learningthose things. It shows school is source of getting education.
This poem "Respect" is about respect what it is and what we should do to get it from others. This is connected to my theme in certain ways like we should respect our books not think it as load on us. The main reason that I select hpthis poem is that every person should know to respect others, whether a person is very well educated but if he don't know how respect other his whole education was a waste. People should respect along with education.
The poem "Education" is very nice poem about advantage of having education and disadvantage of not having it. It is linked with my topic because somehow it tell if we get education we can live happily instead of being in difficulties all the time. No education will lead to dangerous and difficult life which is why education is important so they can live in a nice way.
This poem "Education, the key to success" is one of famous poem. This poem relates to my topic very much. It tell about the some importance of education what we can do with education and what we can't do without education. It talk about reading and writing which is a basic aspect of education everyone should know. Without education life is incomplete. If we get education we can unlock any lock of life.
I choose the poem "The Curse of Poverty" because it relate to my topic. Poverty is one of the biggest reason why people are illetrate. If poverty is removed from all nations and spread education it will make everyone's life prosperous. No one can understand importance of education best than poor people. They know what they could have achieved if they were literate and educated. But the one who have all source to get it aren't trying to get it.
This poem "Promise to Eradicate Illiteracy" is poem to remove illiteracy from nations. It is connected to my theme because it talks about to bring education in nations. How they should remove illiteracy from nations so people can get education and be successful in their life. If people don't don't take themselves out of illiteracy they will be trap there they need to get education and be successful.
This poem "The Importance of Education" is one of my best poem in this 7 poem selection because it contain the mixture of some poem which I used. It's linked to my theme in many ways like the poem name is same like my theme and it talks about importance what we can achieve by getting education. It talk most of importance which we can have if we get education like we can change world if we are educated. If you get education your mind will be always sharp and creative in difficult situations.

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