Their Jobs A sneak peek into the jobs that keep AHS functioning

Security guards are the first people that catch your eye when you enter AHS. They are important to us, assuring us with the safety they value.

"I look after the students, maintaining law and order.”
From doing paperwork to helping students who are unwell, they are the ones who work tirelessly in this school. They start work early in the morning, and only stop work when all the students have left.
Canteen vendors are here to ensure that we have food to eat during mealtimes. Despite the heat and the stickiness of sweat they have to endure, they still put their hearts into preparing food for us. Their job is to put a stop to our growling stomachs.
The bookshop is the right place whenever one needs any school supplies. However, uncooperative students and parents’ complaints are some of the downsides of the job of the bookshop lady.

He’s the one manning our D&T lab, making sure everything runs smoothly and without a hitch. He is also the one ensuring our safety in the labs.

“I get to accomplish many hands-on projects.”
Devoting their life to impart their knowledge, competencies and values to the future generations, are the teachers. They are always patient and put in all their effort to help their students understand and bring out their potential.
Anglican High students put in their best effort to achieve their academic goals but also at the same time have fun and enjoy their youth with their classmates and friends. They never forget that their ultimate goal as a student is to learn and grow.
They work in the chapel, helping out with CCE lessons and arranging church events for students. Although their job may be seen as unimportant to some of the students, they are still what helps AHS function.
These different types of jobs all work together as one to make Anglican High the best place for students to learn and grow as one. -The End-

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