A Baja Journey

Mid-2019 we had a certain 1968 Baja Beetle enter our doors. First impression was “this is going to be a mission”, and is was. The vehicle came in oxidized, rusted, pitted with holes and the interior was in terrible shape. We definitely had our work cut out for us. Trish Compton, a seasoned woman who loved to travel, graced us with this challenge, and we accepted.

3M Dragon Fire Red
3M Black Galaxy Custom Decals
Interior Wrap
Interior Wrap

When this vehicle entered our doors, the Baja was in horrible shape and in desperate need of a make over. We called on the services of All About the Details, LLC. here in Richmond, VA. The owner, Piquet Keel (P.K.) is known for outstanding restoration and detail services. As you can see here, with these before and after images, P.k. restores the paint on this vehicle so well that we almost decided that the vehicle did not need a wrap (almost). P.k. is that good! But, the vehicle paint did have physical defects so we did need to wrap it. With P.K. making the vehicle surface wrapable, we were able to move forward.

Before Images

All About the Details, LLC. | www.AllAbouttheDetailsLLC.com | 804-519-0145

After Images
Meet John...

Meet John York, owner of York Sports Car. John is known for his custom dream cobra builds for more than 35 years. Mr. York, a master mechanic, took on the enormous task to rebuild and restore this 1968 Baja Beetle. Every detail was met, from the engine restoration overhaul to the carpet lining in the glove box. Teaming up with York Sports Car, Inc. really put this wrap project over the top.

York Sports Car, inc. | yorksportscars.com | 804-798-5268

Before Images
After Images
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Photos by Lu Miranda