Father James Presta Honoring #HeroPriests

Father James Presta (Archdiocese of Chicago '86)

Submitted by: Kathleen Craven

Father James Presta has been an inspiration to me daily through daily Masses at St. Emily's Parish, Lenten reflections, weekly devotionals, Easter celebrations, and daily saint biographies. Father James' spirituality shows through every day. He keeps his friends informed of developments in the Archdiocese and the world-wide Catholic Church. It has been so hard during COVID-19 feeling isolated from friends, family and our parishes. Father James has gone above and beyond to serve his flock. Fr. James, keep building the Kingdom! Thank you for all you do.

Father Presta serves not only the St. Emily community, but all who stay connected to him. He celebrates the joys and the sadness that come with life. Father Presta is always there for his community and friends. You could not find a better example of a priest who lives his faith every day, and has helped me feel connected to something bigger than myself.