Enjoy what you eat & still get results. The 80/20 rule.

How many times have you heard "this food is good for you" and "that food is bad or you"? On many occasions, people neglect to eat foods that are actually essential for including certain nutrients and minerals in their diets because of either a lack of education when it comes to nutrition, or because they follow a fad and what's "in". DON'T BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE!

Educate yourselves & vary your diet to include plenty of protein, different vegetables and fruits while not restricting yourself too much from life's pleasures. It's called the 80/20 rule. It'll make your fitness journey all that much more enjoyable. It's all about finding the right balance between moderate to intense exercise and eating rationally as well as using common sense. Don't load your dishes with sweet or creamy sauces as these usually contain sugar or full fat ingredients that will inevitably add extra unnecessary calories to your meals, making it even harder for you to shed those extra pounds. Try and use fresh herbs and seasoning to add a kick to your dishes. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and try to keep healthy snacks at hand such as: a piece of fruit, a low carb/sugar protein shake, a small handful of nuts of choice, etc.

Feel free to contact me to arrange a free health assessment!

BMPT out. BOOM!💪🏼

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