Motet Headquarters are now in Montreal

As some of you might know, this summer, Motet has relocated its warehouse and head office to Saint-Laurent, Quebec. Saint-Laurent is a borough of the vibrant city of Montreal. Montreal is close to European ports, where most of our shipments and goods come from, as well as an outlet of many audio retailers.

Since August 1st 2021, all distribution business have begun processing through Motet Distribution, Inc., an entity separate from XLO International, Inc.

Here are some highlights to look forward to in the upcoming months

Motet Distribution, Inc. introduces Motet Art and Music – a division that is dedicated to supporting local artists. Through this division we have successfully sponsored Les 9 de Montréal for the 2021 season.

Motet is in the process of building its own recording and mixing studio with the help of PMC and HEDD to further connect Music and PRO Audio.

This summer – Motet launches its dealer portal. This will greatly improve communications with our dealers, reps and manufacturer partners.

The new portal is in Beta testing version. We are making sure all is working adequately. We are still improving its look and its functionalities.

The screen shots above will give you a taste of what is to come.

This Summer, Motet Art & Musique's First Event was a resounding success

This summer’s main event began with rehearsals at Motet’s newly relocated warehouse, followed by concerts at Maison Symphonique in Montreal; André Mathieu in Laval; and Palais Montcalm in Quebec City. Not only have we safely offered live music amidst the pandemic, but also, we captured these precious moments using professional audio and video recording.

A new addition to the team – Dylan Dacres

Dylan Dacres has joined Motet full time this summer. With his experience in the HiFi Audio/Pro Audio industry and versatile bilingual skills, his addition to Motet will help the growth of the company. You can reach him at dylan@motetdistribution.com.

Tout est dit / All is said

“A purely Canadian project” – to celebrate the 30th anniversary of XLO, Motet is teaming up with Montreal-based artists, Vincent Bélanger, Martin Morais and Lisa Liu; our renowned recording engineer, René Laflamme; and Pulsartwork Studio in Saskatoon to complete an analogue recorded album “Tout Est Dit”.

Thank you!

We thank you for your long-lasting patience throughout this pandemic and this transitional period of Motet’s relocation. Rest assured, we have many exciting news ahead lots in store and we look forward to a strong season ahead of us.