Dots of Light By Jacob Z.

In the depths of the space, there’s a ship. The ship looks old. It's covered in a dust blanket. That ship is a shining light. The light shines like a star in the engulfing darkness. This light is special. It can move. On that ship has a person by the name of Dave. He is confused. His surroundings are eerily quiet and it dark. He's lonely.

Out of nowhere, a bright light appears. Dave isn't scared. He's seen many of these before. In fact he's seen millions of them before in one place. This time the light doesn't just pass by Dave’s ship like the rest of his encounters, it looks as if it's coming right at him. Dave is desperate, he has no idea what to do other than to steer the ship away. He runs around the ship trying to find a steering wheel of some sort. He tried to think back. Thinking about what they told him. Thinking about what they said was the steering wheel. Then he remembered, there was no steering wheel. He realized that the ship was on autopilot and he could only watch.

By this time the light didn't even look like a light anymore. It looked like a spiral. He thought it was magnificent. It was like it was destined to reach here. He wanted to see more spirals like these. It was like blue and red all mixed together, but in a whirlpool shape. As the spiral got bigger and bigger, he noticed that this spiral of light wasn't a solid light, but it was a collection of dots of light.

He saw a dot that was directing right towards him. It was yellow and bright. The closer he got to it, the more scared he was. He thought that the dot would engulf him. He got closer and closer by the second. Questions started to fill his mind. He wanted to find out why he was here and why he was about to be lost forever. He wanted to be able to do something about his situation. Then the ship started to go around the dot. He watched, eager to know what was going on. The dot soon became a ball. It was so bright that he thought he was going to be disintegrated by the light. He noticed that he wasn't going right towards the ball of light, but rather going around it in a circle. He thought, I'm slowing down. Why am I slowing down? Suddenly the ship started to go in a straight line again. He was scared again. He thought he was going to be lost in the darkness again.

Then he saw a grey ball. It was circling around the big ball of light. As he watched the grey ball disappear from view, he saw another ball.

This ball looked as if it was almost striped with brown and yellow. Again the yellow ball was lost in the pitch darkness.

Then he saw a blue ball. He noticed that the ship was slowing down. He thought, What's happening now? As he got closer, Dave could see green and blue. He also saw some randomly swirling white streaks. He felt like he's seen this planet before. The ship was slowly circling the ball. He tried to think back to how he got on this ship. Then he heard a mechanical sound. He looked around and saw something falling towards the ball. It looked like it was burning up like a fireball, but then the ship started to move again.

This time it was going towards a grey ball. It look like it was half grey and half dark grey. As he got closer, he saw something shiny on the surface. It was shining like mirror and it was golden yellow. He then saw a rectangle. It had a blue square with stars and stripes of red and white. It didn't look right with the surface of the ball.

His ship circled around the grey ball once, then his ship went towards the blue and green ball. As he got closer, he saw gauge go up. It was marked with the word temperature. He kept going closer and closer. He saw the thing the fell down earlier.

He landed on the surface of the ball and was petrified on what just happened. He heard a voice saying, “Autopilot off.” He heard another mechanical noise, but this time it was different. He saw light. Maybe there's something outside, he thought. He wanted to know what was outside his ship, so he slowly began walking outside...

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