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We have all heard the phrase 'Happy Campers'.

But is this based on Fact or Fiction?

To find out, we surveyed 1000 people who had not camped in 20 years (or ever), and 1000 people who camp 'regularly' and we asked them all questions like:

'How happy do you feel on an average day?'
'How close do you feel to your family and spouse?
'How stressed are you on an average day?

When we collated the results we were pleasantly surprised!

Campers really are happier!

And not only that, they are more satisfied, optimistic and energised!

Camping respondents genuinely believed that their camping lifestyle had something to do with their happiness levels...

Not only that, but campers felt less stressed, bored, frustrated and lonely than people who didn't camp

In terms of relationships with their families & loved ones, campers also recorded significantly higher levels of connection

Campers indicated that camping assisted in building and nurturing these connections, with 93% agreeing that camping brought families closer together

Throughout the research, another theme that emerged was the positive impact that camping trips have on children

This research highlights the value of caravan/camping holidays in their ability to help people disconnect from their busy, stressful, hectic lives.

Increasingly, in this busy, chaotic world, people are looking to reconnect with what is most important to them: friends, family, nature and themselves.

For more information on this report, get in touch with research@caravanindustry.com.au

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