College Board cracking down on AP memes By: Adam Wenkoff

With the ascent of social media to the forefront of teenage culture over the past decade, the College Board has been taking measures to make sure that the content of their Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are not being spread.

A recent trend of “AP Memes” has taken off recently, where social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter make jokes about certain questions from respective AP Exams.

Recently, the College Board Twitter account has been trying to ensure that the students spreading these memes are aware of the possible consequences. “Reminder: Do not share #APExam content online. Students who disclose test content may have their scores canceled and unable to be reported to colleges. Read more about our security policy: http://spr.ly/6011DeYqZ,” the account tweeted on May 11.

Due to A.P. Tests often giving students the opportunity to gain college credit and place out of certain classes, these consequences could possibly have serious financial effects on students across the country.

Because of this, some students feel as if the punishments for these internet jokes are unnecessary. “It’s ridiculous that the College Board is threatening to take away credit just for some memes,” Efe Hazar ’18 said.

Others add that the memes don’t give much information away. “If you look at the memes, pretty much none of them actually give away the answer to the question,” Andrew Badeski ’18 said. “They’re more just about funny coincidences or wording on the test.”

Since the tests are standardized, these memes can be understood and related to by thousands of students, across the country. Many view the memes as a great way to unwind after several hours of rigorous testing. “I love looking at the memes after my AP tests,” said Sanna Ten Cate ’18. “It’s fun to laugh about them after I’ve been stressing about them for the past month.”

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