DIY Scented Soap Group 10

I'm sure everyone is thinking, "Why soap? Out of all the DIY Projects, why did we focus on soap?"

Mission for Your Lifestyle!

Our belief is a healthier you, a better you! With the promotion of good health in 2017, this is the year to also focus on managing your financial assets carefully while keeping everyone you love healthy to the fullest extent. With our evolving generation who cares much more about sustainability, this is the program for you!

Our Training Program to Educate You!

There are many training methods to choose from, but due to limited sources and capabilities, our trainers have developed a program especially for you to enhance the best learning style possible in our classroom. On the job training and a lecture styled training program is the style we have chosen to enhance the student's understanding of DIY soap. To gain the ultimate experience from retaining knowledge and understanding the process of making soap through the physical touch and visual senses, this will help our trainees in the long run.

Steps Towards Success!
My Plan to Data to Knowledge to Start doing to Graduation For Success!

Reference to Training Styles

This is the link to different training styles methods we assessed when discovering our plan for you. You may reference it to address what your training style could be for your program.

Why is Training And Development so Important?

Atti Riazi, CIO of United Nations states the importance of caring for employees in training for the best return on investment, the employee's responsibility to develop themselves as well as the organization's responsibility to support the employee, and measuring the effectiveness of the training.

Activities and Tools needed for Training
  • Group work Activity Required.
  • Training Module (Directions on how to make handmade soap).
  • Ingredients, Supplies for soap, and an open environment.
  • Game in Jeopardy to understand retention of trainees on what they have learned with candy as an incentive.
Post Evaluation Discussion among trainees and Tools used!

How much discussion among trainees will be needed, both during and after the training session? What tools are available for that?

  • Discussion among trainees on what our trainers could have done to improve the learning experience, and their overall feelings of this program.
  • Anonymous Survey for Post evaluation exemplifying a further detailed expression of their feelings (Did they feel they were comfortable in the setting/environment to learn, how clear was the instructor in giving instructions, was the training session easy to remember, on a grading scale of 1 to 5 would they recommend this program to another trainee with 1 being no they would absolutely not recommend or a 5 as in this is the best program they've been in and they would recommend it, what did they retain out of the program, and would they make soap on their own in the future?)


We thank you for your time in previewing our training outline post. This is a sneak peek as to what is to come in our 2017 April Training for our trainees. Our mission for our program, the resources exploited for the best return on investment in this program, our teaching methods for our trainees, the reason why training and development is so important, and a post evaluation among our trainees and employers is all that is listed in our news feed for this webpage.

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Sarah Leach


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