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  • Assignment 1:Shoe Drawing and Artist‘s Statement
Shoe Drawing

Artist‘s Statement: In this assignment ,I draw a shoe.I use many kind of lines to make my shoe ,and I make more details to show real shoe.In the class, I was also ready to take off my shoe everyday ,doing so helps me to observe and draw better.According to the real situation,I draw my laces in the truth.The shape and size is same as real shoe.

  • Assignment 2: 4-Part Value Drawing and Artist’s Statement.
Value Drawing

Artist’s Statement:In this assignment,I use 2B ,4B and 8B three different pencils to draw three different value pictures.The original painting is a photo of me,I open my picture on the computer ,then use the 2B pencil to draw the first picture,the other two picture deduce the rest from this.Some value in the picture , I use a pencil to draw a few strokes , and then coated with bumf halo open, formation of value.I think the part of value is better than shape,next time I will pay attention to shape.

  • Assignment 3: Upside -Down Drawing and Artist’s Statement.
Upside -Down Drawing

Artist’s Statement: In this assignment,the way of painting is very special.I put the original upside down,just pay attention to it's shape,I think this way of painting makes the drawing process easier.The woman wearing sunglasses, the value on the face have edges and corners -- sharp, and her black straight hair makes her look so cool.In order to show her long black hair, I use Mark pen to paint.The value part ,I coated with bumf halo open again.The bright spot is in the bottom of this painting, I draw the woman's hair to out of the border a little, increased the 3D effect, coordinate with value.

  • Assignment 4: Zentangle Drawing and Artist’s Statement.
Zentangle Drawing

Artist’s Statement : In this assignment, I draw the shape of a giraffe and created many different patterns. At first ,I draw the shape of the animal, and then divided into different parts of the body,.Finally ,in different areas I draw different patterns. In this picture, there are so many details in anywhere.The most important thing is, in the process of painting, I must use patterns to create dark and light areas.It will take a lot of time and energy to draw .

  • Assignment 5: Monochrome Selfie Painting and Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement :In this assignment,I put the original picture on software modifications to change a single tone, and then use the pencil on canvas, the toning color. I use the phone to take a picture, then use the software into monochrome, and then I drew the outline of the picture on the canvas, and then use acrylic paint to toning color on the palette, finally use the brush to painting on the canvas, and add some details. I think this painting is the most difficult part of the grade, I need the exact mix can accurately express the feelings of color.

  • Assignment 6: Canadian Art Collaborative Painting and Artist’s Statement.
Canadian Art Collaborative Painting

Artist’s Statement : In this assignment,we are the team work, each responsible for two or one plate. We choose a painting that everyone like, then use pencil draw the shape on the plate. And then assign each plate to everyone, then draw their own responsible area , finally put each edge of the plate is carefully connected. The picture completion test our team spirit of solidarity, to strengthen our cooperation ability. The success of each group determines the success of the individual. The color in the picture is important, and the clouds of blooming and the reflection of the painting is the most difficult.

  • Assignment 7 : Tape Sculpture and Artist’s Statement
Tape Sculpture

Artist’s Statement:In this assignment ,the work is very meaningful, it also a group work, Mary, Andrea and I work together. We first determine what shape of the sculpture,Where to put it . This sculpture is the prototype of me, we put the tape into a layer, and then anti glued to the body, and sticky in a circle, fix the shape, then use the baby scissors to cut it ,then fix it .The head. we can't fabrication on the person's head because it is not safe, so we using plastic model. Finally, we made a climbing warrior, posted in the school hall,under the "You Know Where You Are Going".


  • Question 1 : What did you learn in this class? What did you learn about art? What did you learn about yourself?

In my art class, I learn so many: team work,unite,painting skills and know a lot of artists. About Art ,I learned Shape, Value, Paint,Color,Pencil and so on.About myself ,I realized my ability in painting,I started to touch a lot about art,And I learned how to appreciate a paint.This class take me into the art world.

  • Question 2 : What was your favorite assignment in this class? Why did you enjoy this assignment? Did you learn anything new?

My favorite assignment is Zentangle Drawing.Because I this is the longest painting I use, I spend a lot of energy to create patterns.I'm very interested in it,I like the detail on the picture.In this assignment ,I learned how to create patterns in my paint.And it is my first time I have drawn such a big details picture.

  • Question 3 : How can the things you learned in art class help you in other areas of life? How can you use your art skills in other classes? How can you use your art skills outside of school?

For example, I can draw a picture use the skills that I learned in the class to decorate my house. Math class ,the homework of functions use lines to draw a picture. Communication class has a unit to learn how to make the advertisement, I use the skills in the art class to do my homework. Deep understanding of learning knowledge, carefully taking notes, listen carefully to the teacher in class ,and pay attention to art in life.

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