Why Are Bees Dying And How? By:John Giuliani

Bees are most likely dying because, Pollution, Pesticides, Temperatures rising aka Global Warming, And microscopic parasities

The way bees make honey is by going up to flowers and and collecting a sugary sticky substance called nectar. Bees have 2 stomachs 1 for storing and digesting food and the other one for storing honey. Once their stomach for storing honey if full they will bring it back to the have and pass it off to a worker bee the bee chews the wax for about a half a hour then passes it onto another bee. They keep repeating that process until it turns into honey. Then they put the honey into a cell then close it off with wax so the honey doesn't get dirty.

The world would go from this
To this without bees

Another reason bees are dying is because of microscopic parasites called varroa destructor these parasites go into the bees breathing tubes and then lay their eggs inside the bee. The nasty parasites eat the bee from inside out!

These parasites almost look like ticks

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