How America Started America the BEAUTIFUL

Part 1

The American Army.
Jamestown 1607

Jamestown was the first successful English settlement in America. On May 13, 1607, 104 Englishmen settled at Jamestown to make the settlement. Jamestown was not the first settlement but it was the first one that survived a long time. Jamestown was also the first permanent English settlement. Jamestown was so important since it would lead to more settlements leading to cities that one day will house over 328 million Americans.

The Bald Eagle is the American Bird.

Part 2

In 1775 American Militia encountered British soldiers at Lexington. The Militia were holding there fire when someone shot at the British starting the Revolutionary War. The shot would one day be known as the shot heard around the world. The Militia fell back all the way back to Concord where there were ammunition storage. The British were trying to capture the Ammunition for the army. Before the British got to Concord the Americans received news of Lexington so they hid the ammunition in farms on the outskirts. When the British were looking for the ammunition the Militia ambushed them and pushed them all the way back to Massachusetts, while the British were running Americans kept popping up and surprising them shooting them until there were barely any left. This is important to the start of the America since it starts the Revolutionary War which leads us to independence from England.

Part 3

1776 July 4, American Congress approves the final text of The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration stated all of the ways why they need to separate from England. The Declaration also was signed by the founding fathers. The Declaration was probably one of the most important things to help make our country America since it would separate us from England and would finally make us a country.

Part 4

With the Revolution over America could start to decide about what kind of country it wanted to become. One choice they would have to decide about is if they would be a democracy or a monarchy. The Americans decided to become a democracy allowing men to vote on leaders. A democracy would also make sure no no person has more power than that of a other. In 1789 the first election happened. George Washington became the first president. George at first had no intention to become president but so many voted for him for his help in the Revolution that they made him be president. This event helps America because George becomes the first president which will help continue the idea of democracy throughout American history.

Part 5

The War of 1812 started after Americans found out about British troops on American soil angering the Americans. What pushed the line for Americans was when the British teamed up with the Indians to attack west settlers. The Americans battle the British in small battles near Canada. The Americans were spread out thin across the country when the British burned down The White House which angered the Americans so much. The Most famous battle of the war was The Battle of Fort Mchenry. During the battle Francis Scott Key was on a British ship trying to exchange prisoners when the battle started the British captured them. Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics for the National Anthem in the ship. The Americans won the war. This helped america become a country by showing we weren't a small dinky country. This proved we were much better than we looked.

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