Part 2

Powerful Trading Empires

The names of the Three West African Kingdoms were Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. They existed between 800 CE and 1600 CE. They traded on the Trans-Saharan trade network. West Africans traded gold to North Africans for salt. Slaves were also traded on this network.

Slaves on the Trans-Saharan Network

North American Muslims traded salt for African slaves. Muslims aren't allowed to enslave themselves. Muslim and African slave traders manly use slaves to serve in the military. Muslim's slaves were different from European's slaves because Muslims's slaves were treated better, they can earn their freedom, serve as a general, own their own slaves, and own their own land.


King Mansa Musa was the most powerful king. Not just Mali but in any West-African kingdom. He was Muslim, and he went on a hajj in 1325 that is well known throughout the world.He brought 60,000 people and camels carrying 300 lbs. Of gold each. When he returned he had brought muslim scholars and architects to build cities, and mosques and schools in Timbuktu. It became known as the center of learning.Scholars from all over the world came to learn.


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