Jo Writing 2017

Double, double toil and trouble, Fire, burn and crumble, Crumble, yummy toe from a long tail bat Left, eye off a lamb to crush up a stag double, Bubble, here is trouble I got a kiwi to make some trouble. Through him in the fire and make it bubble I got a dear to make you fear And a rat mixed with the bat. Double, double tin foil makes trouble Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Sticks and stones bre kiwi’s bones

I got up and got my gear on to go riding on our motorbikes my motorbike is a Honda 125cc its red, black and white. It has lights and a clutch. We hooked up the trailer and off we go. The sun was beaming in the sky like a light bulb. Me, Dad, Noah and Mihi hit the track smashing up the roads and doing stunts. One by one we started to gain speed and boom I was gone as fast as I can like a lightning bolt the motorbike went flying in the air like a plane. Dads noisy 125cc was roaring like a lion and Mihis 90cc was as well as mine and dads Noah started to slow down and we were asking why he stopped he ran out of gas.. he got more gas and off he went. The horrible wind smashed in his face noah and I were racing as fast as we could and all I saw was Noah flying over the hill and! BANG smash cling clang boom. His motorbike went boom. Noah went to hospital and he broke his arm when he got out of hospital he had a new motorbike he was sad because his motorbike was his favourite motorbike!! STICKS AND STONES BROKE NOAHS BONES! LOL.

John Dee’s robot

You wouldn’t believe it but John Dee was one of the first ones to create a flying robot in the 1500s. in the time when there was poo all over the ground and he Invented a flying robot.

John Dee was born 13th July 1527John Dee could of, thought of Things from a toy to whatever He thought of. 1568 John Dee asserts that every Object exerts force on every other. 1547 -1550 John Dee studies and lectures in Europe and in 1581 – Dee begins experimenting with Angelic Magic. John Dee was fascinated with the arts and was sentenced to jail for betraying the Queen in time of need. John Dee married his 3rd wife Jane they had 8 children.

In 1543 John Dee created one of the first Robots basically there is a mystery between John Dee and his flying contraption. A wooden beetle that can fly for a short period of time. Not many know anything about it and not many know what the use for this beetle was.

Major figures during Elizabethan times. But much is known about contraption maybe we will discover the use later in time about the flying robot.

John Dee was born 13th July 1527. Not much people know about the beetle of John Dees. Some people didn’t believe that john Dee had a flying robot. He sold it for 1.3 million Wednesday, 29 March by Joseph Kapea


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