This is my India A journey to the past

Every year I lead at least one photo tour to India. I’ve been traveling there for a good 30 years, but it’s still one of the most unpredictable, and rewarding, destinations as far as the photographer is concerned.


Just being in Paris doesn’t guarantee you get to know Paris. Just like being in New Delhi or Varanasi does not guarantee you get to know the place. Far more than the importance of the destination itself is looking for the interesting themes and subjects in each location.
India is essentially a photographers all you can eat buffet

From the whirlwind of the festivals, to the bustlings throngs of the marketplaces, The exquisite architecture‘s,

You can and will find any photographically appealing scenario you could possibly imagine in this incredible country. But the way it has an endless supply of spectacular fodder for your camera, going there unprepared can lead to frustration and stress.

It’s not a summ of visits and locales , one shouldn’t treat it like collecting clichés and postcards.

Each new itinerary in India I have designed taking advantage of the previews on site experience and pinpointing new photographic opportunities. Not only the stops but the people, the day to day places, the events, how we reach a special location, how we access the “real” and hidden local spot.
In the “ghats”, along the river Ganges, between temples and shrines, you can feel the drama and beauty of life.
We do not see the HOLLY cities the way the Hindus see them. There is a hidden world and we see only the surface.


Theyyam festivities are a unique and different opportunity to witness spiritual India in it’s full glory

Theyyam the God’s dance where performers in folds of heavy red and white and gold fabric perform a rite that is several thousands years old in a world of color and life. We spend there two full days in our South India itinerary. Later we go to Cochin which is the oldest European outpost it India.

Theyyam is a worship that dates back at least 6000 years in this area of India. It is more than simply a dance. Some treat the entire rite of Theyyam as a personification i of God in and of it’s self and so, the so-called God’s dance is a living religious icon, with many faces and touches many different aspects for life and spiritual belief.

We work on how to tell the story we see in front of our eyes, and how to convey emotion through our pictures.

Theyyam centers around a person called Kolam, which means “figure in make up”. The Kolam is meant to represent the deity. In the northern part of the province it’s a way to worship spirits called Bhootas and the dance is conducted in places where Bhootas are or used to be prevalents.


The green and tranquil province of Kerala one of my favorite destinations in India. It has a peaceful and relaxed ambience compared to the rest of the country.

India is a never ending story: and I’m now beginning to UNDERSTAND this story SOMEHOW

I struggle to find photographic opportunities related to people and cultural diversity in unique locations and spots, with planned private photo sessions in very special surroundings.

Great locations, interesting subjects and places, the best photographic support and a positive day to day atmosphere.
You need locals who you know and trust where you can go to get the best opportunities and to speak ahead of time with proprietors of certain venues if you want to photograph them.

There is a difference between stereo typical and iconic, a good Image with always be interesting As you are chasing the beauty of a single moment in time that hasn’t happened before nor will he gain.

The best time to come to India is probably in November. And this is when I will be visiting India South for the Theyyam festivities . Join me. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Cross over to the other side. If it’s uphill, even better.


All the pictures are copyright of Harry Fisch.