Good Life Performance Talia Starczewski

Me at the play

The Spatial Experience

The physical setting of the theater was very professional, as evidenced by the extremely indoctrinated practice of receiving programs and being escorted to seats. The seat that I ended up having was in the very center of the the middle of the auditorium. This provided me with a comprehensive view of the set. I was able to take in the entire performance, including the light production, and the physical production. When the audience quieted, there was definitely a level of respect present for the actors of the show, as nobody wanted to disturb their efforts to entertain and educate us. To experience the Good Life, I believe that having a sound understanding of spatial awareness is important. An individual has to be able to not only observe their environment, but also experience it.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with my friend/roommate, who is not in Good Life. Even though she is not enrolled in the class, she was interested in finding out the connection between the play and the concepts discussed in our lectures. Since the weather was fairly cold the night of the performance, I did not dress up to par with theater etiquette, unfortunately. Attending with my friend enhanced the experience because I was able to share reactions and gauge how certain instances in the play would form a reaction for her. Having shared experiences is a large portion of obtaining the Good Life. By experiencing things with other people, you are able to further reflect on the beauty of life, and are even offered different outlooks regarding the situational factors that were experienced.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The story took place in a past time, in a very impoverished area. This seemed to be the time period just before Industrialization, as the owner of the shoe factory was discussing replacing the workers with machines. The switch between the poverty-stricken area, and the wealthy area of the seminary showed a very distinct contrast, which led to a better understanding of the vast differences of wealth that were present in that time period. Before attending the play, I had a pretty solid understanding on differing socioeconomic status during this time period. However, I have never been exposed to the idea of religion and how becoming a prominent figure in a religious sect has the ability to change socioeconomic standing. The particular idea that relates to my life is the idea of sacrifice from a younger family member to promote an older sibling's well-being and success. This constant work ethic that goes into this process is one that I have dealt with all of my life, in hopes to further enhance the life of my family as a whole.

The Emotional Experience

Through the use of theater, many emotions are able to be elicited in the audience. Plays are able to use visual, auditory, and spatial manipulation to induce an emotional reaction from the audience. The overall premise of this play was able to resonate with many individuals in the crowd, as it provided an overall basic interpretation of what the Good Life is and the amount of sacrifice that is required to achieve this state. Although the main plot may not have been relatable to all, as we are not members of that specific time period or studying to become a priest, the basic ideals and morality that were present are pretty fundamental among all. As a result of this commonality, the plot of this play was able to leave an impact on any and all who watched it.

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