The Prettiest Izzy


This is a story about a girl named Ellie, most of the time her dad is drunk, he hits her mom and doesnt do well with his family. One day, they go on a hunting trip and something unexpected ends up bringing them together.


Sometimes people aren't themselves unless they take a break to do what they love with someone they love

Evidence 1

Okey isnt exactly portrayed and a very nice person but when he goes hunting with is daughter he opens up and they seem to become closer after being together in the woods.

Evidence 2
Now wasn't that... wasnt that the prettiest thing you ever seen - Okey
"the prettiest"- Ellie

I think his quote shows how they changed to become closer. I think beyond the obvious, this moment is very important for them, as a bonding moment in their lives, because they were never really close.

Evidence 3
"Ellie loved her father, but she was afraid of him"

This example shows that Ellie loved her father, they just barely spent time together because he was always drunk and it was hard to talk to him until the trip. Beyond the obvious I think this sets a mood for the character, it makes us think she in lonely and sad charcter who just wants to spend time with her father.

The End


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