"Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball's Iron Man" By Bill Gutman November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"By May first Cal was hitting an anemic .117 with just seven hits in 60 at bats. But the next day he got a couple of scratch hits, and came out of the slump, hitting well and with power."(Page 15)

Based upon the context clues the word "anemic" means to be not doing well.

"High up in the Orioles' radio broadcasting booth, a special guest of team was also commenting on the likelihood of Ripken swinging. "Ripken is always trying to win the game," the guest commentator said." (Page 5)

Based upon the context clues, the word "commentator" is a person who comments on events.

"The summer after his junior year of high school he played with the Putty Hill Optimists in the Mickey Mantle League, which was for kids aged 16 and younger. Only the best players were chosen to make the equivalent of an All-Star team, and Cal was picked as both a pitcher and shortstop." (Page 10)

Based upon the context clues, the word "optimists" mean to always see the bright side in things.

"Always eager to try, cow was more than willing to make the change."It was almost like starting over,"he said. "I knew the basics of the position and was very deliberate on the field."" (Page 17)

Based upon the context clues, the word "deliberate" means to does something intentionally and consciously.

"I looked in the mirror and asked, 'Is my talent dwindling?' Instead of thinkging that you're going to have a long career, you're doubting yourself, worrying. This year I've gotten things more in focus, and it's taken away my doubts."(Page 28)

Based upon the context clues, the word "dwindling" means to lose strength or skill.

"He said Cal always had a fear of being unprepareed and studied every aspect of the game diligently. He knew the league hitters so well that he was rarely, if ever, out of position at shortstop."(Page 29)

Based upon the context clues, the word "diligently" means to be concious.

"On June 6, while playing in his 1,790th straight game, Cal twisted his right knee during a melee between the Orioles and the Seattle Mariners."(Page 31)

Based upon the context clues, the word "melee" means to fight.

"But niether awards, accolades, nor record breaking really changed Cal." (Page 39)

Based upon the context clues, the word "accolades" means acheivement or privledge.


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