Beginning Art

My name is Raymond. I took this class to complete my art credit. My goal in this class was to improve my artistic ability. I thought the class was very chill. I learned that I can be very creative at times.

Elements Drawing

We had a picture and we flipped it upside down. In my upside down drawings I tended to draw some parts larger than others.

Negative and Positive Spaces

Positive spaces you have to focus on the details on the object, like what I did for the shoes. Negative is the space on the outside of shoes so the background is all shaded.

Before and After Hand Drawing

I focused more on the light and dark spots on the palm of the hand. I improved more on out outlining the fingers and the gape between them.


I think the profile I drew of Michael wasn't as good than i thought it would be. I feel like i could've made his hair darker and do more light spots around the head and neck.


I could have made my dots smaller and more packed together for more value. I also could have made my dots a little bit more spaced out because some part started to look more like a lone than dots.

Still Life

I feel like I could have put more value on the pins and skeleton. I also feel like i could have added more detail to the objects in the background.


I feel like this was my most successful piece. I could have scratched my lines a little bit smaller for more texture and put my lines at a angle more.

2 Point Perspective

I don't think i did very well on this because I didn't put enough graphite so it wasn't dark enough wasn't dark enough. So i couldn't show the light and dark spots.

Before and After Self Portrait

I think I did well on the after self portrait because i spent more time on it, but not adding enough graphite makes me think otherwise.

Conceptual Art

I think I should have drawn the outline bigger because the letters turned out to be very small and I wasn't able to add a lot of value.

The challenges I found in this course was probably tracing the picture on the paper . I enjoyed that you could choose anything to draw about relating to the subject. I think i improved mostly on adding value to my art pieces.

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