The representation of life, movement, spirit in a few thousand pixels.

Proportion and the flow of shapes, lines help to draw focus to the subject in the image.

The water goes downstream.

Your audience follows.

To dictate where the audience looks first.
To show similarity through parallel lines, or provide contrast by geometrically converging and splitting.
Natural colours are naturally appealing.

Nature is fresh, rejuvenating, brilliantly captivating.

And so will be your picture.

Green and its vibrance creates a lively atmosphere and crisp, relaxing feel. It also syncronises well with other colours such as red or yellow (colours commonly seen in flowers or ornaments near plants) in other elements of the picture, or the light blue of the sky.
Green also brightens and uplifts an otherwise dull picture.
Subject matter. Subjectively delicious!
With colours, lines and contrasting textures, highlight the focus of the image.
The End

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