Smiles To Go By: Jerry spinElli

Setting page 1 setting and location: The place of it is in a average sized town. I imagine it to be a pretty small town where everything is pretty close by and everybody knows each other.e
Setting page 2 specific location: Dead mans hill is a place where it is the steepest most bumpiest road in their town. Wills neighbors house where he talked about protons in his basement.
Setting page 3 time: The time this takes place is modern time. I imagine it to be a modern town with cellphones and there were skateboards.
Setting page 4 landscape: The environment was sunny and partially cloudy. I imagine it to be a nice day and some wind.
Setting page 5 Population: The population is small because it's a small town. The kind of people of people who live here are people who work in the area and had lived there most of there lives.
Setting page 6 clothing: There are skateboards in the story that he uses to go to and from school . Lastly there were telescopes that will used to look at the stars.
Setting page 7 atmosphere: The mood is neutral there Isn't much going on in the book. There are people who gets into arguments here and there but mostly it's neutral. The characters in the book are in a argument because BT and Mi su kissed on the hill during the stargazing.
Setting page 8 settings effect on story: The setting of the book contributes to the story because everybody is arguing and everything in the story is heated. They are yelling at each other and arguing. When BT went down dead mans hill Mi su may have kissed him because of that.


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