Harn Museum of Art Delaney Raymond - IUF1000 Hodge 04G1

My trip to the Harn Museum of Art was quite a memorable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse exhibits and the artworks on display as I toured the inside of the building. I feel that I have a greater appreciation for what is considered to be art and for art itself. The various exhibits also allowed me to view numerous cultures and how the art was impacted due to the time period or environment surrounding the artist.

Medium of the Art and Technique of the Artist

"Vase with Wavy Ribbon Design"

Louis Comfort Tiffany

c. 1900

Favrile Glass

I appreciate the author's design and technique of using the multiple colors in this unique vase. The author seemed to shape this glass perfectly, with the smooth edges and symmetry through the whole vase. It seems as if the author reflected her mood into the structure, reflecting a relaxed and freed aura. The shift in colors as I walked past this piece demonstrates how peaceful the artwork can be to the viewer. The stained glass that is the medium of this piece strikes me as beautiful and reminds me of the various colors of the sunset. The picture shown does not give this piece its justice in regards to the vibrant and changing colors.

Design of the Museum

Elusive Spirits

African Masquerades

I enjoyed the openness of this exhibit as well as the creative masquerades that were presented. All of the traditional African masks were outlining the perimeter of the large exhibit, leaving the man dressing in colorful clothing (shown above) in the center. This exhibit was very appealing to me due to the simplicity of the layout along with the dim lighting. The only relatively bright lighting was focused on the masks, making them stand out to the viewer. I appreciated the design because it did not make me feel trapped and each piece was given its own space, which I think is essential in order to appreciate the art.

Art and Core Values

"Group Portrait of Frida, Diego, Nick, Emmy Lou Packard and Iona Robinson"

Nickolas Muray


Gelatin Silver Print

One of my main core values is family. I have learned and experienced that family will always be there to support and be there for one another, which is why it is such an important aspect of my life. When I saw this photograph, I immediately thought of all the family portraits in my house, allowing me to reflect on how much I miss my relatives. This family photograph provokes the emotion of happiness and love in me. Although no one in this picture is really smiling, they are still together and bound by their relationship and affection.

Art and the Good Life

"Seated Buddha"

Found in the region of Gandhara

4th-5th Century

Stucco with traces of polychrome

This Buddha reminded me of the book we read, Siddhartha. Not only this, but this figure seems so relaxed and at peace with himself. My interpretation of the Good Life is when one is at peace and satisfied with everything they have accomplished. This statue looks as if he could be seeking his version of the Good Life through meditation or even embodying the Good Life by remaining in that position and reflecting on his thoughts. This tranquil structure makes me appreciate the little things in life, such as sitting quietly and reflecting or being lost in prayer.

*All pictures of the artwork and sculptures themselves were taken by me. All pictures of me were taken by Vanessa Perez on my IPhone. Consent was given in the form of a written document to be used in this presentation.*

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