Quebec, Canada By Rico Torres

Canada, land of North American prosperity, kind people passionate about hockey, and wintry wonder

Unlike other parts of our modern world, the Canadian government actively works to preserve its natural landscapes, and allow all inhabitants of this beautiful land to prosper

The beautiful landscape

The wildlife of this beautiful country is unlike any other, and while these animals aren't exclusive to only this part of the continent, here they truly thrive.

Brown Bear
Gray Wolf

Need coolio Places to go in Canada, eh? How bout Quebec, Canada?

Quebec City is located in the Quebec province in Canada, and provides an interesting, mostly-French mix of both the North American story with its historical sites , nature, and the beauty of the Canadian winter.

Quebec was founded back in 1608 by French settlers, and since then has been predominately been a mostly French-speaking province. Learning French or obtaining a translating source of some sort wouldn't be a bad idea.

Old Quebec- An old(hence the name), section of the city that contains many historical sights and that European charm from so long ago.
Interesting fact, did you know that Quebec is the only city in North America north of Mexico still fortified today?
Samuel Champlain was the one who established the city of Quebec, and this was where he established his first abitacion. Here, is the oldest stone church and neighborhood in North America
Here is the beautul and grand Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine, the oldest North American pilgrimage site.
Experience the hustle and bustle of the Vieux-Port de Québec, a hub of North American trade located along the vastly spanning St.Lawrence River.

Alongside these historical sights, there are many natural, protected parks located around and in the city limits

Montmorency Falls Park
Plains of Abraham
Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier


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