Human Spirit Petey

What is the human spirit?

Learning Targets

Work together to develop an understanding of the theme "Human Spirit" using a variety of texts and media.

Develop your own personal understanding of the theme of Human Spirit in preparation for Petey using a variety of texts and media.

So what?

You have to figure it out. On your own. Without help.

Don't get frustrated. You'll figure it out.


Brotherly Bond

Viking Warrior


Due tomorrow. Do this on a separate sheet of paper.

Part 1: The videos you watched represent some elements within the theme we will be discussing in the fourth quarter: Human Spirit. So what is the human spirit? Define it in your own words.

Part 2: In a paragraph write about a personal experience that helps to represent or support your definition of the Human Spirit.


Shake the Dust


DAYS 3 & 4


Final Thoughts

This week we have worked toward answering the question: what is the Human Spirit? As we've explored this topic your idea of the Human Spirit may have grown and changed. Reflect on the videos, readings, and come to a final conclusion.

1. How do all of the texts and videos connect to the theme the Human Spirit? Explain your answer.

2. What is the Human Spirit? Define it in your own words.

3. Make a list of 5-10 synonyms for the Human Spirit.


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