The Wright Brothers brogan borst

Orville and Wilbur Wright are famous for making the first plane to go in the air.

this is Orville flying their plane

They were born in Millville, IN and died in Dayton, Ohio.

this is where they were born this is where they both died

Their invention helped society by getting to farther places quicker then boats/ trains/ cars.

Their biggest help they had with the planes was there mechanic Charlie Taylor.

this is Orville this is Charlie this is Wilbur

The plane still helps us today with travel and business.

They seem like very nice people because I have not heard anything bad about them.

I wouldn't want to change anything about their invention because now we have amazing planes.

it went this too this

I would make a business or invention because the business or invention could help society one day.

Some interesting facts are that they never got married because they didn't care about dating, they didn't get a high school diploma, they did a coin toss to find out who flew first, they made a daily newspaper, they only flew together once, and Neil Armstrong brought a part of the wing of the Wright Flyer with him to the moon.

this is their memorial

their first flight

Wilbur and Orville

And another meorial

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