Reflective Journal 13th March

On my Monday session I began by mind mapping presentation ideas for my game presentation later in the week. I also began writing up my games proposal to present to my tutors as well as the presentation. I came up with several ideas and decided to stick with a straight to the point presentation. I left my self notes for what I should do on the Tuesday.

In my Tuesday sessions in college I began by putting my presentation together. I began by writing down what to say in my presentation on paper before I started to type it up on the computer. Once I had finished typing up my presentation I changed the theme of my work and polished it up to make it look better. I did this by improving my wording and checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. I practiced giving the presentation that evening.

On Wednesday I looked back to my work from last week and looked at my new sprite sheets, I made sure that they were as I wanted them. I decided to change the colour of my main characters "dead" animation, I felt as if it needed to indicate that the robot was having an issue before it powered down. I made notes that I may change the "dead" animation again if I felt that the animation wasn't quite complete. I practiced giving my presentation again, trying to build up confidence.

On Thursday in college I presented my power point presentation to my peers and my tutor. I feel as if I could have improved on the way I presented my work. This is because I felt as if I was showing my nervousness to my audience. I am not sure that my presentation went as planned. I feel as if I should have practiced it more than I did. I made notes that I should have added images into my final presentation.

On Friday I worked on finishing up this weeks journal, I made notes of everything that has happened this week. After finalizing my work I decided to continue on some more ideas for my final game project by drawing up some more rough ideas of what I can add into the game starting on Monday morning.

I have made note to install my game and photo shop software onto my personal computer so that I am able to work on more of my project when I am at home. As a result of not having this stuff I am make full use of the resources I have available to me during college hours.

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