Animal day Special ocCasion day

My day is Animal day. It will be held on July,15, because it is my birthday. This day celebrates animals. Animals play an important role on the environment. Without them, our world would be very different. On my day, we will celebrate them. We will celebrate how different each of them our, but so important. It will be held on July,15. I picked that date become it is my birthday and I made the holiday.

For celebration, a big festival will be held. Every family in that town/city will have an opportunity to make a float to honor their favorite animal. And then they will be awarded 1st 2nd and 3rd place. The winner will win a free trip ticket to anywhere around the world. The festival will also have any and all kinds of yummy food to eat. They will also house a giant zoo with animals that you have never seen before. I believe we should have this day because it can teach children about the worlds miraculous animals and the roll they play in our world. It will also be a day full of fun and a good way at family bonding.


1. There are already 1 half a million animal species found. 2. Researches find over 950,000 new species a year. 3. Homeless animals out number homeless people 5 to 1. 4. There are about 6 million pet dogs. 5. There are 31,300 species of fish. 6. There are 50,000 spiders per acre. 7. During world war 2, they trained bats to drop booms on the opposite side. 8. Animals generate 30x more waste than humans. 9. In 2 months, 2 rats could make over 1 million relatives. 10. Horses and cows sleep while standing up.

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