My goals other than memes. BY.Chris Castro

For my 2017-2018 goal I want to be more healthier and I want to get fit and built. I want to be healthier so once I am older and or in my enlistment I wont struggle as much.

Another one year goal is to be a better student. All my life iv'e slacked on school and have never tried. These final years of school are the ones that matter the most so I want to be better than I have before try my best and make the best of them before it's to late.

Another year goal is to have my own meme page... And nun of that weak stuff some actual dank stuff...

My 2018-2020 goal is to be fully enlisted in the USMC or the UNSA. I want to be fully enlisted for six years in either branch and I want to be an "EOD'' for Marine Corps or a Mechanic in the Army. I want to achieve this goal because joining a branch of service has always been my dream and goal since I was a kid.


A three year goal that I want to achieve is to have a good job. I want a good job so i can be a working person in this society and make a difference.

Another three year goal is to own a gun. I would like to own a gun because they're interesting and seem fun to take/put them together.

Another three year goal is to go to some part of Canada. I want to go to Canada because why not ...

Another three year goal is to find a bae. I want this because I don't want to be a single Kringle all my life.

One of my five year goals is to own a BMW or a Range Rover. I want one of these cars because they're good looking and gorgeous engines.

Another five year goal is to work on tanks or helicopters. I want to work on tanks or helicopters because they're cool.

Another five year goal is to become a "Drill God". This where I just am really good at drilling with a rifle. (demill)

Another five year goal is to get a tattoo. I want to get a tattoo of the name of the branch I join first.


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