Suscipe Day

During the most recent suscipe schedule all of the grades went to different activities with their classes. During this time, freshmen went to the dining hall to play games and have a study hall. Additionally, they also went on a walk to stretch their legs.

Games Galore

Because there is limited space in the chapel, only one class can participate in mass at a time due to Covid-19. This week the sophomores were able to relax and enjoy a class mass with each other during this time.

Sophomore Suscipe

During this time, the juniors participated in a trivia competition. They were put in teams and filled out a trivia sheet with limited help of the teachers. After counting up their correct answers, the teams logged into Kahoot and challenged each other with some Disney trivia.

Trivia Teams

Last, the senior class participated in a modified olympic sport. Each person partnered up and choreographed an ice skating dance in the gym. However because Mercy doesn’t have an ice arena, they ice skated on the gym floor using carpet squares.

Skating Seniors

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