4 Tips to Help Keep Your New Year Resolutions How to stick to your new year resolutions this year!

We make New Year Resolutions but it's sometimes hard sticking to these as time goes on.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you going throughout the year to achieve your goals:

1. Make a mini resolution. There’s nothing wrong with making resolutions that are a little less ambitious, but more achievable, goals like running a 5K or organizing your most out-of-control closet. Rather than running a marathon.

2. Be specific. When your resolutions are too general, people tend to fail. Instead, vow to “Walk an extra 20 minutes every day” or “Schedule a weekly date night with my spouse.”

3. Plan, plan, plan. Maybe you have a big goal like “start a business.” If so, you’ll be more successful in making progress on this goal if you plot out many steps to that will move you closer to that reality. Start a goal-setting journal or download an app to break down your plan by month, week and day. (And if you do want to start that business this year, learn more about business insurance – it’s essential for protecting your investment of time and money.)

4. Find a buddy. A friend who shares your New Year’s resolutions can provide a massive dose of motivation.

Want to take a different approach? Then you might consider some unconventional methods to your resolution:

Make a resolution to enjoy and protect what you already have. Perhaps you recently invested in something big, like a new home or a renovation project. If so, take the time to enjoy what you already have before thinking ahead to the next thing you need or want. After all, insurance is designed to protect the things you’ve worked hard to achieve and that matter most to you.

Maybe you want to save a little extra money to put toward your new goals this year? We are your Chicago Insurance Agents and because we work with over 25 different carriers such as, Progressive, Nationwide, Erie, Traveler's and more, we can provide 8 out of 10 of our customers up to 20% savings on best value home and auto insurance.

At Salvador Insurance we are genuinely enthusiastic of whether you’re renovating your home, starting a family or changing direction in life, we’re eager to offer our encouragement and expertise.

Our agents are happy to help you with any questions you have about your new life goals in 2019 and how we can provide insurance that properly protects your home, auto and investments at the best rate with the coverage that fits your needs.

Contact us by clicking on the 'How Can We Help You?' above, call us at 773-777-1922 or visit our office at 3360 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60641.


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