Redefining Poetry Martina Trenholm

Redefining Poetry: Poetry that is transformed from the ordinary and simplistic 'word on paper' structure to creatively intertwining words of poetry with video & photos.

The purpose of this spark page is to engage viewers and allow them to see my poetry in a way that they have never seen it before. This page will be full of video footage/pictures with my voice overlaid on top of it. The video footage will be pertinent to the poem that is being read aloud. This page is split into three sections of poetry: The Illusive 'I', For Him and Random.

The Illusive 'I"


i’m not psycho, i’m crazy.

crazy is telling you I want to stab you,

psycho is actually stabbing you.

crazy is looking through your messages

of that girl that’s obsessed with you,

psycho is messaging her back to tell her to fuck off.

crazy is calling you until you answer,

psycho is driving to your house to see why you aren’t.

crazy is stalking all the girls you follow on instagram,

psycho is logging on your account and blocking them all.

crazy is lighting your shit on fire if we break up,

psycho is lighting you on fire if we break up.

now that I have explained the difference,

don’t ever

call me



For him

Ethiopian Opal

His touch keeps me calm

like sipping cabernet sauvignon

after a long day of tedious work

that overwhelms my mind constantly.

I wear his favorite worn out sweatshirt

from his high school as a

way of keeping him close

because it hugs me when I know that he cant.

He never lets me forget that he thinks

I’m as beautiful as the handmade opal ring

I wear on my middle finger

to show not only am I his,

but an October baby.

“Is there a cord between our hearts?”

----“Of course, I can feel it now.”


Life is not about how you grow

But who you grow to love.

I love to trace the outline of your lips

with my eyes before kissing you awake.

I anticipate it each morning,

Because it makes me think about

30 years from now

and still being just as captivated by you then

as I am in this moment

because when it’s real

the butterflies never fade ,

the chemistry never weakens,

and the honeymoon never ends.

I often joke about your body radiating heat

when I lay on you and you laugh

but I sometimes think

that’s your heart saying its happy

to be close to mine.

I know that distance

has made things hard for us, but

ive never appreciated something more.

solely because seeing you again,

for the first time in a long time

I am taken back to that moment

where I first fell in love with you.

While we listened to kush & OJ

freezing in the trunk of my car,

you pushed my hair out

of my face, before kissing me.

And you touched my cheek with your hand

and pulled me in closer to your body,

because you told me you wanted to be as

close to me as possible

and in that moment

nothing else mattered because

we were focused on one another

and im reminded that

not even distance

could change the way I feel about you

because home is where your heart is,

And my heart is with you


Barstool Companion

As I sd to my

friend, because we are

always looking for free drinks,--Kate, I

sd, which was not her

name, it was her drunk

alter ego, what

can we do to scheme,

or else, we shall &

I guess so, buy the goddamn gobstopper,

drink fast, I sd, for

the love of god, look

he is buying us one now.

Ars Poetica

Ars Poetica

To me, a poem shouldn’t be aggravating or helpless

Like I currently feel right now


As my mind that cant seem to think

Ordinary in character because

I hate every word or line I write

To me, a poem shouldn’t be pitiful

Like I feel when I get a bad grade


To me, a poem shouldn’t be concrete

Like the words written on the page

Precise, ambiguity is

the reason poems work

Precise, nothing should be

Motionless in time

To me, a poem shouldn’t be concrete

Like the words written on the page


To me, a poem shouldn’t be equal to:


For every word that is said

There can be multiple meanings

For love

Felt through every vain in your body

A poem should not mean

But be.

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