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Triangular Trade:

The deportation of slaves to the the america's and i will be telling you some of those causes and the effects.


During the triangular trade there was many different types of causes that made it happen but here i will mention only some of them. One of the Causes of the Triangular Trade was that there was an enormous labor demands for plantation. This saying there was many amounts of labor development that were demanded so they could work for plantation and on my notes that i got from the teacher thats what i got

The triangular trade did bring a lot of afterwards bringing the effects but ill talk about those later. The other cause was that it was easier to bring or exchange goods and slaves. The notes i got from my teacher there is a definition and the word is mercantilism meaning they could attempt to ship mass amounts of wealth through colonies.

The last one kind of relates to the end of the last one because it talks about mercantilism. The last cause of the triangular trade was that it was easier to bring good from everywhere. Most of my information comes from my notes, but anyways the triangular trade also kind of started to bring slaves and import huge important things.

Effects of The Triangular Trade

One of the first things that effected the triangular trade was that it brought raw material to from Europe to the Americas. Raw material was brought making things easier from the Americas. The effects from this made this made the triangular trade way bigger and that my notes say that precious metals and sugar were also shipped so that's also an effect.

This effect wasn't a really bad one because it did also kind of helped gain money and trade among all of them.The second effect was that it brought trade between Europe Africa and the Americas. The triangular trade brought many amounts of trade through Africa, America, and Europe and that's what made them expand.

Now slave trade was beginning at this time and although it wasn't as bad as it was starting they were still treated badly .The last Effect was that the route from Africa to America brought slaves. Middle passage is also what kind of brought the slaves to the americas and they were also the passage that made it so slaves could be able to get to the Americas.

Labor in the New World Causes

One of the reason so that slaves came to the new world was so they could do work and they could do more work and less pay. One of the three causes i put was that slaves were brought to raise crops, clear forests, and they could mine precious metals and do good thing. The labor in the new world brought slaves so that they had jobs to do so the white people of back then couldn't or wouldn't do any work.

Now because of this there was many many things that were wrong with this trade because it had many things that caused diseases and that's what brings me to my next cause. The native Caribbean brought a huge decimation for them all by disease and that's why it was bad. Now because of this slaves were to come and kind of make it so that not many people had to work but also be able to do things

The last cause was particularly bad because of a certain person. Bartolomes protest was because it brought so much attention to the native population. The notes that i have is that basically the consequences pf bartolomes protest made so much extra protection for native population.

The Effects of Labor in the New World

The effects of this is that more and more slaves were being imported not just from one place but from other places. The Spanish and the Portuguese started to bring and import slaves from Africa. Although at this point there are people bringing slaves from everywhere they could deport them so they could go to the Americas.

We all know that people that were transported to the americas on boat weren't treated well and they all mostly died of diseases and that what brings me to the next cause. Most of the survivors lived in a harsh environment and worked on a plantation slaves. I said this because many people do know it and if you read anywhere about the beginning of slave trade they were cramped and many people died and it brought many different types of diseases that weren't known at that time.

The defeat of the Spanish Armada

Causes Of the Defeat of the Armada

The Spanish Armada was defeated because although they thought they thought they were all that and they could fight them and defeat them it was the other way around and this is where i bring my first cause. Although the spanish did have a good army they weren't prepared and they didn't know how to exactly fight and even then the english barely defeated them. Now the website i got this information does say that even though the english won they were barely prepared.

The other causes of why it was defeated was that it was that the english although badly prepared they were strong and they got somewhat win the battle. Now the reason why i did this was that they also caused that on themselves because they weren't able to fight them with the resources they had

The last cause that i have is that the english had good strategy and they just didn't go head in and the they were confident in what they were going to do. So that's some of the causes of why the spanish armada was defeated and why they had such a bad defeat.

Effects of the defeat of the Spanish Armada

Privateers also came into play and that's and effect that happened was that privateers came into play and they started to steal from boats and take all of their gold and silver. I got this from my notes and it says they would attack the english and they would be sponsored by states to do this and bring them stuff.

The second effect was that when they got back to england they gained more power and were even crowned fro winning. I got this also from a website and it says that the increased and they gained the english were crowned making it a pretty big thing.

The last thing i want to talk about is that another effect was that most of the people that died and they ended up dying when they washed up on the eastern shores and died by the irish. So most of the people that were on here did end up dying or never really coming back.

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