Stigmed IoT solutions For stigmatized Medical Issues

mission statement of stigmed

To Provide Healthy non Medical and Clincal Alternatives to Those Dealing with Shame and Guilt due to having a Disorder or Disease that Society Stigmatizes

Stigma Defined.

The mission of Stigmed Inc. is to exploit the Internet of Things to find solutions to medical and psychosocial issues that society stigmatizes making it difficult for those afflicted to seek help and treatment. Utilization of WebApps, Devices, and various Platforms to change perceptions of Mental health disorders and Sexuality that allow those suffering to become self aware and open about who and what they are with Love and Tolerance.

The Prescription Drug Addiction Epidemic
Depression, Bipolar, ADD, Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, and Many Other Afflictions
Cross-Dressing, Transvestism, and Gender Bending
Convicted Felons with Borderline Personality Disorder or Sociopaths.
Created By
Orlando Garsha


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