Techonotoipia By:Wesley Stevenson

The Great Seal Of Technotopia

Technotopia is where your dreams become reality. Our goal is to be able to have technology accepted and be used as a gift You get to experience the crazy unimaginable place that you think would never happen. But in order to get in to this wonderful place and world you need to meet certain requirements.

First you need to have I high mind of creativity and order. You will be tested to see if you pass. Second you need to be social and be able to use your resources when need. Third you also need to swear loyalty to the community. And last you should be willing to help the community with problems and do the best of your abilities. We only accept these people to help better our community and thrive

We as a community require rules that every citizen has to abide by and live in their daily lives.

1. To never cheat, steal or lie

2. To ask questions and persevere for improvement

3. Be yourself

4. Be inventive and creative

5. No violence

6. Go to your classes every day and take part in a majority of activities

7. Park all vehicles

8. Keep weapons on person at all times

9. Do assigned jobs every day

10. Do the best of your abilities

One of the many privileges for following rules

Our community is in Scotland. To have a place of isolation to grow and expand

Our Government Is A Democracy

Because we could be able to make decisions easier if we are all doing it together and deciding together

Average Day

You wake up at 7 and get ready for and hour. Then you go to school for 2 hours where you learn about the community and its achievements and history. At 11 you have lunch and then you can do whatever you want till 5. Then you have to be home at 5:30 for dinner and then curfew is at 12.

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