Greece Component Project By:Samantha scholle


Greece is in the country Southern Europe . This consists of a large mainland, and two smaller pennisulas projecting from it . Greece also features a big number of islands, and various sizes . Greece is also mainly mountains. Greece is also divided into three main lands.

  • The Mediterranean climate shows mild , wet winters and dry summers . Temeputures reach extreme , although snowfalls do occur and even sometimes in Athens during the winter .
  • The Alphine climate is found primarly in Western Greece , Western Macedonia as well as central parts of Peloponneses .
  • The Temperate climate is found in Central and Eastern Macedonia. This climate is cold , damp winters, and hot dry summers.

Athens and Sparta mostly hung around the Meditteranean climate because of the ocean being so close , being a helpful hand for trade , and recieving trade throughout the climate . Greeks felt ties between their lands . So they divided their land , sea , and mountains . People who lived near mountains got great room to grow crops .


Acient Greece was a part of divided city-states. Greece was also a part of nations where people are divided on socialism. Each city-state was run by citizens , members of a political community who treat others as equal and who have rights and responsibilities . This was very different from ancient mesopotamia or ancient greece. There, most people were subjects . They had no rights , no say in government , and no choice to obey rulers. The greeks were the first to develop citizenship . Today , the word applies to everyone in a society . However in most greek city-states, on free native born men who owned land could be citizens . And it was there responsiblity to run it . What exactly were the rights of greek citizens? They could gather in teh agora to choose their own officials and pass laws. They had the right to vote, hold office, own propety, and defend themselves in court. In return, citizens had a duty to serve in government and to fight for their polis as citizen soldiers.


Greek Art was made out of mainly five forms: Architecture, Sculputure, Painting, Pottery, and Jewlery making. Artisitc production in Greece began in the prehistoric civilizations , both of which were influenced by local traditions and the art of Egypt . There are three divisions of the stages of later ancient Greek art that corresponds roughly with periods of the same name . The arts reflect the society that creates them. Through their temples, sculptures, and pottery, the greeks incorperated a fundamental principle of their culture . The art spreaded to the Macedonia kingdom and the Egyptian kingdom .

  • Sculpture

Greek sculptures were mainly made out of marble or bronze. By the early 19th century, the ancient greeks have brought forth a large amount of sculptures. Sculptures came in in the geometric ora.

  • Painting

Painting in ancient greece stands out among other of cultures for its development of depictions of humans faces and body . Painting is best seen in the painting of scuptures or pottery , as the little details bring out everything .

  • Pottery

Pottery was an important part of greeks. Pottery was made out of shaping clay from a wheel , decorating the pottery, and then baking the clay in a kiln. In early greece, pottery was decorated in geometric patterns. It showed greek goddesses and gods and everyday scenes.

  • Jewlery Making

DIfferent types of jewlery making flew through the hellenistic ora. Ancient greek neckalces , braclets, pendants, earrings, and hair elaborates. Pieces usually had pearls and shinning gems and rock crystals .


The ancient Greeks were concered with such questions as "who should rule now"? Ancient greek was made up of mostly two city-states : Athens and Sparta. Now there is two sides and i'll take you to both .

Sparta; Sparta was so considered the "rebublican state" as they did not like the idea of having over 400 people rule their land .Sparta only had 28 people in rule. Sparta was the state that would most likely be going at war . Spartan men would go into war around age 7 and leave at age 60. Men trained until they were 25-30 and then fought in war . Spartans gave rights to women and let them do active and sporty jobs and activities to show how men and women are equal. Advantages is having women rights . Disadvantages is that there is less say in what happens in the city. This is Representative democracy. Spartans were Tryany. They would oppose to listen to direct governent. This was cruel government.

Athens;Athens had an extrodinary government, where all male citizens had equal political rights,freedom of speech,and the opportunity to participtate in the political arena. The Athenian democracy developed around the fifth century B.C in the greek city-state known as Athens. It's the system of direct demcoracy, in which participating citizens voted directly on extusive bills. Advantages is having a good say in what happens. Disadventage is having a small group of people running the city. This is direct democray. Athens was direct democracy. Athens was Oligarchy. They were a small group fo people having control.


Greek religion is the collection of beliefs, rituals, and mythology originating in ancient greece. Many ancient greeks reconized the twelve major gods and goddesses (Zeus,Poseidon,Hera,Demeter,Athena,Ares,Aphrodite,Apollo,Artemis,Hephaestus,Hermes,Hestia. Here I'll go over each religion.

Mythology; Mythology is the belief of a myth(s) of a group of people:and their collection of stories that they tell about nature,history,and customs. As a collection of explanatory stories, and is a feature of every culture. The study of myths dates back to ancient greece.

Beliefs ; Belief is the word as if you except something.You think something is true and that something exists. You have faith or confindence in something. Your in a state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case.

Rituals ; Rituals or solemn ceremony consists of a series of actions performed according to a perscribed order.

Greeks religion in the ancient world, was personal,direct,and present to all areas of life . With rituals including animal sacrifices , myths to explain the creation of man kind , and gods and goddesses,Temples which dominated the area. Religion was never far from ancient greek.


The greek alphabet has been used to write greek language since the 8th century BC. Greek alphabet includes a source of symbols and labels in many which had to do with mathmatics , science, and other fields. The greek alphabet has 24 letters ordered from alpha to omega

ονόματα μου Σαμάνθα

(My names Samantha)


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