AjoiA AjoiA mix the technology of today and tomorrow, with the healing circles and instruments of the ancestors A definite Shamanic and mystical thread winds its way beautifully and constantly throughout the soundscapes that AjoiA create.

The Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra

Red is the field of colour here

The first Chakra of the seven, the survival centre

Stability, security and family lineage flow from this space

The Element here is one of Earth

The Root Chakra nourishes and supports us, from our earliest creation

The Root Chakra vibrates in the key of C

The Frequency is 396Hz

The ruby red water sparkles as its gentle flow gets captured in the light

The Shruti box begins its enticing, sweet, siren like call

The water fall effect of the pianos notes cascade throughout the water

Reviving the Root chakra from the deep, bass sound

All is caressed by the embracing, resonating energy

Uniting every cell of the body through musical osmosis

To feel the infinite, divine Mother within

To hear the track Click on the youtube clip below called "Inner Space"

The Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra was envisaged here

The emotional centre of the body, the aura glows Green

The energies of love, forgiveness and compassion emanate

The element here is one of Air

Air, like Love, is everywhere within and without

The heart Chakra vibrates in the key of F

And the frequency is 639Hz

The warm waters of the pool, will be full of a deep green illumination

The gong strikes, gently calling the heart centre

The lullaby of the piano begins and lightly holds and supports the heart space

The breath of life begins to flow throughout the body and the rejuvenating energy of the synth’s air element, combines to create an altered state of positive consciousness

The divine is ever present and gratefully received

To hear the track Click on the youtube clip below called "Within the heart"


The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra

The Divine centre of the body

The colour aspect is Violet / White/ Multicoloured

The final Chakra of the bodily seven

The energy centre for Cosmic Consciousness, serenity and peace

The Element here is the Transcendental all

The energy centre of the higher self, intuitive awareness and mystical oneness

The Crown Chakra vibrates in the key of B

The frequency is 963Hz

The alluring violet waters, rippling into a display of candescent multicolour

The magical vibrations of the quartz crystal pyramid, are complimented by the temperate, blissful chords of the Rhodes piano.

Together, they radiate their celestial energies to the Crown Chakra

Offering connection to the Universal Creation

The finite meets the infinite with awesome gratitude

To hear the track Click on the youtube clip below called "Infinite Lifetimes"


Creators: Andrew Lovell aka “Shovell” & Anthony Gorry

Andrew is probably best known for being the percussionist and member of multi-platinum and award-winning band M People

Andrew has also performed with artists such as Soul II Soul, Sting and Dame Evelyn Glennie

Andrew is a qualified Cranio-Sacral Therapist, a Somatic Experience Practitioner and Sound Therapist.

He walks a Shamanic path and is currently studying child & adult Psychotherapy

Anthony is a musician, producer and writer and has also collaborated with world wide selling artists including Moby, Gwen Stefani, Diplo and Richard Ashcroft.

Anthony has more recently been involved in a number of diverse projects. He co-produced the music for a documentary using the sounds of the blue whale in Iceland, working with a BAFTA award winning production team.

As well as music Anthony's other passions are growing, harvesting and cooking his own food, with yin yoga and meditation being a strong foundation in his life.