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Who are we?

String Bean Memes is a Audio/Video/Graphics production company based out of Connecticut. We create short films for our YouTube channel, as well as graphics for social media. String Bean Memes also creates custom graphics, (For free) which are free to use. For more information on custom graphics, go to the contact page. All of our graphics on the graphics page are free to use.

About the Creators

The creators of String Bean memes are Alexa, and BT Odoy. BT is the website developer for SBM. He is also the main director and producer of most of the short films. You may see him occasionally on the channel posting some tech related video to YouTube. Alexa is the personalty behind the channel. As well as being the social media manager, she stars in most of the short films and non-tech videos.

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Bt Odoy


Created with images by 16:9clue - "Green beans"

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