Acrylic Techniques Trudi Green Smith

Washes with water
Impasto with brush and palette knife
Scumbling / dry brush
Mixed Media: underpainting with green, packaging material collaged with matte medium, marks added with brush
Scraffito: orange under-painting, turquoise paint on top, scratch-through drawing with end of paintbrush
Swipe technique: thick paint applied with brush, swiped with end of cardboard scrap, vertical marks with end of cardboard
Combination of swipe and scumble techniques
Green under-painting, wet in wet marks with various brushes
Green underpainting, stenciled orange
Swipe & scriffito
Mark making with various brushes
Double loaded brush, wet in wet, impasto
Impasto with palette knife
Swipe & scraffito
For my finished piece, I chose to use several different techniques that I demonstrated in my mini technique paintings. I started the painting with washes of acrylic paint and water. I then built up layers of impasto paint. As I built my image, I also used the swipe technique with both a piece of cardboard and a palette knife. I also used some scraffito (scratch-through technique) in the background.
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Trudi Smith


Trudi Smith

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