Never Trust Anyone Alex parfitt

It all started on the morning of July 15th, 2113 at 11:30 am, when I woke up from my stepdad complaining that we didn't have enough money to go on a vacation that we had already planned on going on.I was heated he should have been more considerate because I was sleeping so that he wouldn't wake me up.I had $250 in checks that I earned from a study at my old counselors in Woonsocket.My stepdad asked me if I could cash them in and if I could let him borrow the money and if I saw a really good deal or when he could he would pay me back my money.I want to share that I was gonna get the money back because he borrows money off my peppe all the time and he has never paid my peppe back.It was hard for me to decide whether or not to let him borrow it but I felt as if I didn't then they would say I am the reason that we couldn't go on the vacation and they would make my siblings think the same thing.So I took the checks and went to the bank to cash them in It took me a minute but I finally handed the money over, I said sure because I figured the money was just sitting there anyway why not let him borrow it as long as he will pay me back. I didn't Then a couple months went by and I asked him when he would be able to give me my money back that let him borrow.He then said that he didn't have the cash so he wouldn't be able to pay me back yet. But the day before he went out for Chinese food.This made me very mad because instead of him paying to go out to eat why didn't he pay me back.I was about 2 degrees away from steam pouring out of my ears.This kept occurring.I waited a couple more months and I asked for my money back.I got the same response.Now this time I flipped out and said well maybe you shouldn't be going out for Chinese food if you can't pay me back.A couple more months went by and he paid me back $210.I said ok just pay me back the $40 when you get a chance.He goes why you only gave me $210 I said no I didn't I even have the receipt that says the total amount of all the checks I cashed in was.I showed it to him but he still didn't pay me back the other $40.This is when I learned to never let someone borrow something because it will either never get returned or it will be ruined.Also, everyone is out there for themselves so when they have a chance to screw you they will even your own family and friends will screw you when you have your back turned.

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