Teaching Titans A cartoonist turned digital art teacher

Adobe Illustrator. 2017. This resume lists my skill set and my educational experience, as well as where I attended the schooling required to become an art teacher. I was trying to find a visually pleasing balance between the weight of colors and the information I wanted to convey.
Adobe Photoshop CS6. 2014. MNTHS Student Council Logo. The central titan was designed by an advertising agency hired by Manor I.S.D., but the layout, font, gavels and design additions were created to give emphasis to our student council.
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6. 2015. When I first became a teacher, I was asked to create a logo for our games and media club, "The Wee Blue Beasties."
Photoshop CS6. 2016. I created this piece as an example of surrealism as it is applied to an album cover. The class seemed to really enjoy this project.
"Morning Dew." Adobe Photoshop CS6. 2014-15. This was a warm-up sketch example for my students that became a coloring exercise and, eventually, a completed landscape digital painting. I used some reference photographs from a road trip I took with my family in 2011.
"Jack n Sally." Adobe Photoshop CS6. 2014. One of my art students had a strong affinity for the movie The Nightmare before Christmas, so I drew this up as a lesson in Photoshop for shadowing and highlights. I do not own the copyright for Jack nor Sally.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my ePortfolio. All artwork and images are copyright Please feel free to visit my other galleries and feel free to contact me for any of your creative or design needs! -W.R.

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