Art Therapy as a Treatment for Eating Disorders Why it works

An alternative means of expressing troubling emotions and thoughts

people suffering from eating disorders (ED's)

Data from National Eating Disorders Association's online article "Get the Facts on Eating Disorders"

Different perspectives

ED patients, mental health professionals, and caretakers often have different points of view about the practice and effectiveness of art therapy.

ed's treated with art therapy (AT): the stats

Data from Maria J. Frisch, Debra L. Franko, and David B. Herzog's 2006 study of 19 ED treatment facilities, "Arts-Based Therapies in the Treatment of Eating Disorders"

combating the causes



the bottom line

With art therapy, recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Eating can be fun again!

Works Cited

Frisch, M. J., Franko, D. L., & Herzog, D. B. (2006). Arts-Based Therapies in the Treatment of Eating Disorders. Eating Disorders, 14(2), 131-142. doi:10.1080/10640260500403857

Get the Facts on Eating Disorders. (n.d.). Retrieved February 25, 2017, from

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