Compensating Division- I Athletes By: Spence Jones

The Graduation success rate (GSR) for Division- I Student Athletes has been low the past few years. Here are the following statistics, football 66%, men’s basketball 66%, women’s basketball 84%, and baseball 72%.

The GSR is low for many reasons. The NCAA will claim it is because many decide to go professional before senior year. But that makes up a small percentage.

Many athletes do not have time to get a job to make money. In order to get a degree, internships may be required, and a student will need money to get those internships.

Parents are affected by the low GSR as well. For those student athletes who drop out of college, home is the only place they can go because they have no money.

That son or daughter will be able to live at home for awhile until they find a job. The problem is that it is hard to find a good paying job without a degree.

Compensation for Division- I student athletes will increase the chance of these athletes graduating and being able to get a life of their own.


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