Exfoliate like you mean it

A hammam mitt hails from spas in Morocco. This mitt will change your life, when used a few times per week while showering. It's the least expensive way to stay smooth all over.

A Kinga Skin Cleaner uses ultrasonic technology to clean pores, remove dead skin and help products absorb more quickly into the skin. Sometimes, I swear, the gunk in your pores kind of jumps out onto the "blade". If you have clogged pores, grab this spa tool for homes use for not as much as you think!

Shave your face already. You don't need anything fancy, a razor will do the trick.

VitaBrid C12 Face Brightening 12 Hour Vitamin C is a skin brightening powder that changes your skin in less than a month, without side effects. This potent vitamin C can be mixed with any of your serums or skincare and helps reveal brighter skin more quickly than you thought possible!

Still want more exfoliators? The Makeup Wars team has a lot to say! Scroll through to the bottom of the post for more ideas. Just click the tiles!

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