Hartford, CT- Entering the new year with a 6-2-2 record, the Trinity men’s ice hockey team is looking to build momentum heading into the January-stretch of the season. This year’s Bantam squad is led by senior captain Ryan Pfeffer, a two-sport athlete from Canton, Mass. who has exemplified what it means to be a leader, both on the ice and the lacrosse field. His tenacious attitude embodies the team’s spirit as every player pushes one another to be the best they can be, day in and day out.

“He is a fearless player and leader that brings it every day,” said junior forward Barclay Gammill. “He always has a positive energy that people feed off of during practices and game days.”

One of the most important traits of any captain is to lead by example. While Pfeffer clearly leads by example, players are able to see the energy he brings and use it to rejuvenate themselves and bring a similar type of intensity. If you ask Pfeffer though, he says that he doesn’t do anything special. “I just try to keep the energy high and make sure everyone on the team is as ready as possible.” He noted that the school and hockey program’s “rich history of success” makes him very proud to be a captain and leader of the squad.

Pfeffer’s leadership skills as hockey captain translates to the lacrosse field come spring time. Midfielder on the team, he looks forward to build off of the 2018 season. Although last year was his first year at Trinity, Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Jason Tarnow instantly recognized the blue collar, workmanship attitude that Pfeffer carries with him.

“The midfielder/defensive position that Ryan plays is a grinder position that goes very unnoticed but is very valuable. He’s able to play without the worry of getting cognitive or not, and just plays with passion,” explained Tarnow. “He’s very genuine to who he is. I think that is one of the most important things that a leader must do; he does that well and I think everyone is able to see that.”

“There’s been few players that have improved as much as Pfeff, and it is a direct result of his everyday effort,” explained Men’s Hockey Head Coach Matt Greason. “He is as competitive a kid as I’ve ever been around, to the point that he demands excellence from everyone around him. It could even make someone uncomfortable – but he pushes everyone on the ice to be their best and that’s honestly what he expects.”

Pfeffer’s career and success at Trinity is a statement to hard work and focus paying off. While only playing in 11 games as a rookie on the ice, Pfeffer was still able to score three points. His off-season commitment to the weight room and practice payed off as he played in 30 games the following year and scored eight points. Last year as a junior, Pfeffer was one of the better players in the NESCAC and tied for the team-lead with ten goals.

“Being a student athlete means that you are always dedicating your time to school or your sport,” says Pfeffer. “Playing two sports in college has made me manage my time efficiently and stay organized. Between class, practice, or meetings, there is little free time so it must be used correctly.”

His favorite sports memory so far came during his sophomore hockey campaign when Trinity won the NESCAC Championship and went on to reach the NCAA DIII National Championship. Despite the team’s past success, Pfeffer, who currently lead’s the squad with six goals, hopes to make this winter the best memory of his last four years.

“The beauty of Pfeff and his leadership skill is that he raises the energy of any room or setting that he’s in,” adds Greason. “He expects everyone else to do the same and meet him there; whether it is a title game or a Monday practice in the middle of November. He expects everyone to bring it as much as he does.”

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