The Longest Ride Movie VS. Book

The book The Longest Ride, is a romantic, drama novel. I've always liked mystery books, I was never really into romance. However when I was told to pick a novel, that was made into a movie, The Longest Ride caught my eye. In the book Luke, Sophia, and Ira are telling the story from different points of view. Luke is a world winning professional bull-rider, while Sophia is a Senior in college. Sophia and Luke meet after Luke gets involved in a fight between Sophia and her ex-boyfriend. After the mishap between Luke and Sophia's ex-boyfriend. Sophia and Luke begin to hang out, and go on dates, Sophia even goes to watch him bull-ride. Even though Sophia and Luke trust each other, they still keep secrets from each other, and it leaves you wondering. Will secrets tear them apart? Meanwhile Ira, a ninety year old man in a car crash, slowly goes back and remembers all the memories he had with his dead wife Ruth. Ira's car is packed in snow and all he can seem to think about, or see, is Ruth. The book provides the detail needed in order to understand when Ira is going back and thinking about the old times with Ruth.

Watching the movie was a very different experience from when I read the book, The Longest Ride. In the movie Sophia and Luke meet during a rodeo. Luke's hat had fallen off when he was riding and Sophia grabbed it, and when she went to hand it to him he said along the lines of "Keep it." Later on they meet at an after party, and Sophia's ex-boyfriend isn't even brought up until later on. Luke and Sophia go on dates, just like in the book. Meanwhile Ira's car instead of being packed in snow, is on fire. The movie did however provide a good amount of detail when there are flash backs about Ira and his dead wife Ruth. In my opinion the movie just lacked focus, detail, and missed very important scenes from the book.

I felt the book and the movie, The Longest Ride, were more focused on different parts of the story. In the book the story is more focused on Luke and Sophia's relationship secrets. While in the movie the story is more focused on how everything turns out in the end. While watching the movie, I noticed there were unimportant scenes that made the movie drag on. The director could've used that time to put in more details from the book. In the movie Sophia and Luke meet a totally different way then they did in the book. Sophia and Luke end up meeting in the middle of a bull-riding competition, I felt like the scene was poorly put together. Ira also ends up with his car on fire instead of the car packed in snow. The movie just wasn't what I visioned in my head.

Therefore I felt The book is better then the movie. Although I have always thought books are better then the movies made later on. The Longest Ride, is based on three different points of view, and the movie just lacked detail in both sides of the story. The book had more detail and made it seem like you were right there watching the story come alive. Where in the movie I felt like it dragged on and was more focused on different aspects.

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