Stop Food Waste The Problem with Food Waste in america

What is food waste...?

Would you throw away this banana?

What about this apple? Would you toss it in the trash?
Do you not like to eat broccoli? Would you just throw it away?

What about this salad?

Or this lettuce?

If you said yes, that you would throw away any of that food above, then YOU just wasted food!

Food Waste: is food that is discarded or lost uneaten. The causes of food waste or loss are numerous, and occur at the stages of production, processing, retailing and consumption. ... Loss and wastage occurs at all stages of the food supply chain or value chain.

This is food waste!

This is Food Waste!
All of these are example of Food Waste.
Have you seen any of these happen around you? Maybe in your house, at school, or at a restaurant?

On average, every family wastes this much food EACH MONTH! WOW

Look at this infographic for food waste in the USA. See if you can find three things that are interesting or shocking!

One Fact I found shocking was that: 33% of food produced is wasted

And this graphic shows us that just as much Food is wasted before it gets to us as we throw out from our tables!

Watch this video on guys who actually go 'dumpster diving' for fresh edible food!

Well, why does it matter?

It turns out that food waste has many harmful impacts on our communities and environment.

Food production uses energy and resources, such as: tractors, lights, watering crops, transportation, refrigeration. That energy has to come from fossil fuels or resources that hurt our environment.

As food spoils in a dump, it produces harmful methane gases that can destroy our atmosphere and impacts global warming.

Self Drawing

Food that is wasted and could be given to people who are hungry. There are 15.9 Million children in the USA that have low food access or go hungry.

So... What can you do about it?

Let's watch how this school chose to do some research and inform others on how much food they waste every day!

Time to brainstorm! What could you do to change this?

Some methods may be small…

Always eat leftovers or make sure to eat all of your food every time (make a group or pact to eating your whole plate).

Or some methods could be big!

Collect un-eaten good food and donate it to local shelters and people who need it.

Recycle and gather food in food waste bins.

Create videos or posters about food waste to share with the school and educate them on the topic.

Write a story that explains what you have learned and how it makes you feel/ how you want to change it.

Now let's change the world for the better!

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