Expanding into the West and Taking Our Land By Ryan Vanacore

I am just a normal man trying to create a name for myself, I need land to make my kin wealthy and comfortable. I am tired of living in a tiny room in a tiny building I want freedom to move around an area of land that I can call my own. There are too many problems within an American man and the Indian Savage.


My first problem is all the land and resources theses native Indians are hiding from the true American citizens. We deserve this land, we have defeated them so why do we humor them?


Why should we allow them to be citizens of the United States of America if we, the stronger power have conquered them. They should not get the option to become one of us.


Broken Promises between the U.S. government and the Savage Indians have just created more conflicts between us there for costing us more money and men than is needed. I am tired of America blood being shed by foreign people that we have pity for.


As a true American citizen I am tired of dealing with blood shed and fear of those unpredictable savages. It is time to have a true solution no more pity no more humanity just pure American grit. I want my family and my fellow Americans to feel safe in our own home.

Failure Solution #1

In 1874 the Sioux tribe are moved to the Black Hill reservation however once gold was found there the true Americans wanted to get it. We demanded protection and all we got was blood shed at the battle of Little Big Horn.

Failure Solutions #2

In the 1890's the allotment act was passed allowing the U.S. government to take the Indians sacred land. This was a good Idea until they started to savagely fight the government we are risking too much for them.

Failure Solutions #3

"Kill the Indian save the man" Is the worst idea Americans have ever had. We must kill the Indian and the man I am tired of our real American lives and citizens getting hurt because of those savages.

My solution

It must be death by exile for these savages they must get shipped off to a far off island off the coast of America. They will be out of America and they can have their own land it is a win win for both of us. They can have their stuff and we can have ours and, after they are gone we will never have to worry about them again.

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