HR Update January 2019

Time and Attendance Records Due January 18

2018 Time and Attendance Records for non-exempt classified employees must be submitted electronically to benefits@jmu.edu no later than Friday, January 18. The 2018 and 2019 Time and Attendance Records are located on the Time and Attendance Reporting website.

Inclement Weather Closings

With winter weather reaching the valley, please review Policy 1309-University Closings, Class Cancellations and Exam Postponements Due to Inclement Weather or Emergencies to learn more regarding closing decisions, the cancellation of classes, the difference between designated and non-designated staff, and the eligibility for compensation for hours worked during inclement weather delays and closures.

Opt-in to Receive Policy Notifications

Subscribe to the University Policy Committee's ListServ and receive notifications when polices are updated and when new policies are published.

Benefits Broadcast

Our goal with the Benefits Broadcast is to feature a specific benefit each month. This month’s featured benefit is...

Finding Unclaimed Money!

Click and Claim at www.vamoneysearch.org

Did you know the Virginia Department of Treasury has a division dedicated to help you find unclaimed money? The Unclaimed Property Division is a state division which receives funds and property turned over by various companies when they lose track of the rightful owners. The division works hard to get these unclaimed monies back to the citizens of Virginia.

So, do you have money waiting for you?

Need to Talk with an Expert?

Did you know that every month, company representatives for your benefits are here on campus in the Wine-Price Building? Below is a list of upcoming dates where you could talk with an expert:

January 16 – CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union, Melissa Bohl, mbohl@cofcu.org

January 17 – TIAA-Wealth Management, Antoinette Lucas, Antoinette.lucas@tiaa.org

January 18 – Fidelity, Paul Vutiprichar, Punchai.vutiprichar@fmr.com

January 23 – ICMA-RC, Steven McGregor, JMU Online Scheduling

January 24 – New York Life, Debbie Bolen, dbolen@ft.newyorklife.com

January 25 - Valic, Rob Lankard, rob.lankard@valic.com

January 31 – TIAA, Christian Pechuekonis, Christian.pechuekonis@tiaa.org

February 6 – Aflac, Boyd Glover, boyd_gloverjr@us.aflac.com

February 7 – TIAA-Wealth Management, Antoinette Lucas, Antoinette.lucas@tiaa.org

February 8 – TIAA-Wealth Management, Antoinette Lucas, Antoinette.lucas@tiaa.org

February 12 – CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union, Melissa Bohl, mbohl@cofcu.org

February 15 – Fidelity, Paul Vutiprichar, Punchai.vutiprichar@fmr.com

Make adopting good savings behaviors part of your New Year resolution and take action during America Saves Week!

Every day during the week of February 25 - March 2, 2019 information and helpful tips that focus on different savings strategies and opportunities to help you save money, reduce debt, and build wealth will be offered.

Topics addressed during the week will include:

  • Save with a plan
  • Save automatically
  • Save for retirement
  • Save the extra

Mark your calendars and take part in America Saves Week Monday, February 25 - Saturday, March 2.

Benefits Basic Training

Do you know the difference between the health insurance deductible and out-of-pocket limit? Do you know how much to expect from your retirement plan when you retire? Do you know there are free benefits available to JMU employees? All these questions and more will be answered in Benefits Basic Training. In this training, you will get a personalized packet of your specific benefits and gain in-depth knowledge and answers to your questions.

Topics covered include:

  • Health Insurance & Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Virginia Sickness and Disability Program
  • Leave
  • Workers’ Compensation (WC)
  • Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
  • Retirement & Supplemental Retirement Accounts
  • Voluntary Benefits, EAP, TicketsatWork and Tuition Waivers

Benefits Basic Training is offered through Talent Development and facilitated by the Benefits Team. Whether you just became a new employee or you have been at JMU for years, this workshop is for you. Join us starting January 29 by registering via MyMadison.

Consulting Services Welcomes Kellie Crawford

Kellie Crawford, HR Consultant

As a member of the HR Consulting Services Team, Kellie partners and consults with employees, supervisors, and department leaders on a variety of HR issues including classification and compensation, salary studies, professional development, employee relations, performance evaluation and management, employee recognition, policy interpretation and compliance, and institutional effectiveness measures.

Kellie has worked for JMU Human Resources since August 2008 in a variety of roles including HR Service Center Assistant, Onboard Specialist and Recruitment Specialist. Kellie has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Economics and a concentration in Organization Management from Bridgewater College and a Master of Science in Education degree, in the Adult Education / Human Resource Development Program from James Madison University. Kellie is also a Society of Human Resources Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP).

Information Technology

End of Support for Windows 7

JMU Information Technology (IT) will end support for Windows 7 on August 1, 2019. All JMU-owned Windows computers should be on Windows 10 prior to this date.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015
  • Microsoft will end extended support (including security patches) on January 14, 2020
  • IT has been providing Windows 10 as part of our standard computer setup since July 1, 2016, and needs to complete the migration to a standard, consistent platform

IT is working with departmental and college technology contacts to identify and plan for upgrade or replacement of Windows 7 computers. Computers over 4 years old should be considered for replacement, however, computers with an ESN beginning with a "13" or above should be able to be upgraded to Windows 10.

Duo “Remember me” change

After using Duo for a semester and evaluating the feedback received, we have decided to extend the "Remember me" functionality from 24 hours to 7 days. "Remember me" allows you to set individual Duo-protected services to only require Duo authentication once every 7 days.

When logging in to a Duo-protected service (for example, MyMadison), click the checkbox next to "Remember me" on the Duo authentication screen. If you use the same computer and browser for subsequent logins, you will not be prompted for Duo authentication for 7 days. You still will have to enter your eID and password at each login.

NOTE: If you have automatic authentication enabled, you will need to cancel the automatic request before you can apply this setting. This can be done by clicking the “Cancel” or “Dismiss” button on the blue banner prompt when authenticating to Duo.

There are exceptions to this:

  1. "Remember me" is device and browser specific. Setting "Remember me" on a particular device and browser does not carry over to other devices and browsers.
  2. If you use "Remember me" in computer labs and classrooms that automatically revert or reset to a particular configuration, the "Remember me" settings are not retained on those computers.
  3. If you clear your browser cache or browser cookies, you will be prompted for Duo authentication at the next login.
  4. Editing your Duo settings within MyMadison will always require Duo authentication.
  5. Logging in to JMU’s SSL VPN service, either through a browser or using Pulse Secure, will always require Duo authentication.
  6. Private browsing sessions are not compatible with this feature, for example, Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode, Mozilla Firefox’s Private Window, IE/Edge’s InPrivate, and Safari’s Private Browsing.

We hope this change will benefit campus by significantly reducing the number of Duo authentications required on a weekly basis.

More information is available in the User Guide on the Two Factor Authentication (Duo) page.

If you have questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 568-3555, or email helpdesk@jmu.edu.

JMU Talent Development


  • NEW! 8 Dimensions of Leadership (TD2238)
  • Benefits Basic Training (TD2274)
  • Basic Finance & Budgeting (TD1373)
  • NEW! Use Candor to Improve Performance (TD2359)
  • Grants: Post-Award Practices & Procedures (TD1502)
  • SUCCESs: Making Ideas Stick (TD2233)
  • Student Employment Essentials (TD1460)
  • Achieve More by Fearing Less (TD2241)
  • 5 Choices (TD1699)
  • The Platinum Rule (TD1485)
  • Event Planning at JMU: Everyone Can Benefit (TD1006)
  • Retirement 101: Understanding Your VRS Retirement (TD1212)
  • Not Everyone Gets a Trophy (TD1741)
  • NEW! Being a Better Parent: Solving the Mystery of Effective Parenting (TD2376)

Visit Talent Development’s webpage for a listing of all they have to offer!

Time is Running Out...

A full-time staff member who retired prior to 2016 can, for a limited time, be nominated by their former supervisor for emeritus status if the individual served full-time for a minimum of 10 years at JMU, had a record of noteworthy contributions throughout his or her JMU career and retired from JMU in good standing.

Supervisors must complete the Recommendation for Emeritus Status form along with a justification statement by February 28, 2019.

Questions may be directed to your HR Consultant or to Tiffany French, HR Retirement Specialist.

COMPASS Award for Diversity and Inclusion Image

Nominate Someone Today!

COMPASS Award for Diversity and Inclusion

James Madison University has set a course to embrace the inherent uniqueness of each member of our community. We point to our similarities and differences recognizing that people have distinct backgrounds, characteristics, experiences, ideas, beliefs, motivations and choices, all of which give direction and value to our university.

Presented by the Office of the President, a Compass Award recognizes those individuals or groups with demonstrated outstanding contributions to diversity and inclusion at JMU. This program evolved from the Diversity Enhancement Award Program, a model that was successfully established and implemented by the President’s Office for several years.

Who is eligible?

A Compass Award is open to any member of the JMU community. Students, Faculty, Staff, or groups may be nominated for an award in any of the 4 focus areas:

Visionaryforward thinking; innovative; creative new programming; progressive initiatives

Leadermentoring; guiding; facilitating; influencing

Advocateproviding a voice for an underrepresented person or group – site examples

CatalystCausing transformative activity or understanding between 2 or more persons, precipitating change

How do I nominate someone for a Compass award?

To nominate someone for this award, please go to Compass Award Nomination Details

The deadline for receiving nominations is 5 p.m. on February 8, 2019.

Please submit nomination materials to:

Compass Award Selection Committee

Office of Equal Opportunity

MSC 5802, JMAC-2 Room A101

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, VA 22807

For questions or to submit electronically, contact Lisa Hess at (540) 568-6991 or hesslb@jmu.edu.

Award recipients will be honored during the annual Diversity Conference on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

Five ways for JMU faculty and staff to get started at UREC

Here are five ways JMU faculty and staff can use UREC’s services that promote living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle in 2019.

1. Drop In for a Workout

First things first, check out the UREC and University Park operating hours and our facility policies! Make sure to bring your JACard each time you visit UREC. You are welcome to use the general locker rooms, the universal changing rooms, or rent a locker in the Faculty/Staff Locker Rooms. Please don’t hesitate to ask any UREC staff member questions or for directions around the facilities – our goal is to “Motivate Madison Into Motion!” There are many programs at UREC and faculty/staff are welcome to sign up for these, such as Group Exercise, Fitness, Aquatics, and more! You can browse these offerings at URECregister.jmu.edu. After your workout, enjoy a meal or snack from the UREC Café!

2. Fun for the Whole Family

Did you know you can bring your immediate family with you to UREC during Family Hours? That’s right! From 6:00pm on Fridays to 6:00pm on Sundays (plus every break period and all summer long) your family can come to UREC with you, free of charge! What a great way to promote living healthy lifestyles together as a family. In addition, there are several youth programs and services that UREC offers including Kids’ Night Out, Swim Lessons, Birthday Parties, and Camp UREC.

3. Reach Your Fitness Goals

Are you ready to change your health and wellness habits but aren’t sure where to start? UREC’s Personal Training services provide you with the opportunity to work individually with a personal trainer to attain your personal fitness goals. Get started with a Personal Training Total Package that includes a health screening, consultation, fitness assessment, and two 1-on-1 personal training sessions for just $50!

Perhaps a workout buddy would motivate you? UREC "Mentorship Through Exercise" is a program that provides JMU students the opportunity to have a positive mentor-mentee relationship with faculty/staff outside of the formal classroom setting.

4. Get Adventurous

Want to plan your own adventure but don’t have the gear? Save yourself a trip to the sporting goods store and rent all of your equipment needs from UREC’s Adventure Center! You can rent tents, shelters, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, backpacks, climbing shoes, bicycles and equipment, fly fishing kits, kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, car top kits, and so much more. Rent items for the day, weekend, or week - all at affordable prices. Getting outside this fall will be easier than ever!

According to the Department of General Services, people who bike to work have higher levels of well-being, self-confidence, and stress tolerance. Sound good to you? Let Cycle Central help you get back on your bike!

5. Develop Your Team

JMU Faculty and Staff spend at least 30% of their days at work. So in addition to helping with the health and wellness of your personal life, UREC can help improve your work life too! UREC's TEAM Challenge Course is available for departments to participate in as well. TEAM programs are designed to encourage learning related to communication, leadership, trust, community-building and other custom outcomes. Our staff will customize your experience based on the needs of your group – what a great way to re-vamp your annual retreats right here on campus!

We look forward to seeing you at UREC! Visit www.jmu.edu/urec or stop by the Welcome Center for a tour of the facility. Make sure to check out UREC’s memberships webpage to learn more about faculty and staff access benefits!

Balanced Dukes Conference Registration Now Open!

Keynote Presentation Work Life Integration: The Privilege of the Puzzle (presented by Laura Toni-Holsinger, Executive Director, United Way of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County)

What are we really looking for? Whether it’s balance, effective juggling or integrating all aspects of our life, it can seem like a puzzle with ever-changing pieces. Committing to a holistic puzzle with our available resources is the first step. But what about when we each have access to different resources? Whether you are leading others or supporting your peers, we all have a role to play. How can you take the next step to nurture each piece of your puzzle?

Reset Your Life!

Reset Your Life: Setting & Achieving Effective Goals (this is the January installment of the 12 Months of Wellness series)

1/23/2019 | 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. | Pathways Training Center, Wine-Price

JMU Office of Risk Management

Employee Safety Training Images

Ergonomics, Body Mechanics Awareness, Back Injury Prevention

University Health Center

Martin Luther King Week Celebration

Monday, January 21 - Friday, January 25

The Center for Multicultural Student Services invites you to a week of programming in the name of one of this past centuries greatest civil rights leaders, filled with events to commemorate, engage, and inspire a new generation of leaders.

Human Resources is dedicated to customer service, a positive approach to change and the pursuit of excellence that promotes university and individual success.


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